Nearly 40% Of SEOS Will No Longer Use Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP Shift Caused by Upcoming Google Page Experience Update

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Google’s Page Experience Update may be delayed,  but SEOs are already starting to make big decisions for when the update finally rolls out.

According to an informal Twitter poll posted by SEO Consultant, Aleyda Solis, 37.5% of all responding SEOs indicated that the upcoming Page Experience would impact AMP usage, and they would no longer add AMPs to their sites.

Nearly 24% said they would remove AMPs altogether, while 40% expressed no opinion – they “just want to see results.” Only 20.5% said they would continue using AMPs.

So, why the sudden shift away from AMPs? The new Google update does not require AMPs for content to appear in top stories.

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However, that’s not to say that AMPs will be gone for good. It’s possible that many will be cautious and test the waters first before ditching AMP for good. Some options would be to try not adding AMP to newly published articles to see what kind of outcome it produces. If you experience positive results, try taking things a step further by removing AMP from 10% of pages.

As with any major Google update, this should be a slow process. Here’s some advice: don’t scrub all traces of AMP from your site the second the update launches. Take things slow and perform tests first before making any major decisions.

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