Mobile Conversions Rising, But Desktop Conversions Remain Significantly More Valuable

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Study Finds That Consumers Prefer Making Purchases Via Desktop Rather Than Mobile

While mobile devices continue to be the preferred way to access the internet and consume content, a recent study has found that mobile ad clicks and conversions are far less valuable than desktop. The study carried out by digital marketing agency AccuraCast, found that on average, conversions that came from a desktop computer are worth 93% more than mobile conversions. The findings of this study came from an analysis of 10 million mobile, and desktop ad clicks across 100 accounts between August 2018 and August 2019. Chart shows mobile ad data Source: AccuraCast But that’s not to say that mobile conversions are decreasing. Mobile conversions actually grew significantly between 2018 and 2019. According to AccuraCast’s findings, 60% of all ad clicks over the past 12 months came from a mobile device. This is an 11% jump from the previous year. However, the study also found that the majority of conversions still come from a desktop. In fact, over the same 12-month period, desktop visitors were found to convert 60% more than mobile users. Smartphone graphic Source: AccuraCast This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, considering conversions for desktop transactions have historically been higher than mobile devices. Consumers typically use mobile devices for browsing and desktop for making purchases.

Why Are Mobile Ad Clicks Less Valuable?

So why is it that users seem not to feel as comfortable converting using mobile as they do with a desktop computer? A lot of it comes down to trust. When ads come across as spammy and irritating, the amount of trust the user has in the company advertising is significantly reduced. AccuraCast cites potential problems with mobile user experiences as a possible cause for low mobile conversions. These issues can include:

  • Poor quality apps or sites that drive traffic but not conversions
  • Landing pages that aren’t transaction friendly and perform poorly
  • Ineffective ad placement leading to worthless clicks

Advice for Advertisers

So, what can you do with all this information? AccuraCast offered up the following tips to help gain more conversions through mobile:

  • Make sure that your website/landing page connected to the mobile ad is mobile friendly
  • Allow for easy sharing and bookmarking
  • Block low-quality apps from your campaign that bring lots of traffic but no conversions
  • Avoid ad formats that could result in accidental clicks, such as large banners near a small action button

AccuraCast also advises advertisers to be wary of tracking mobile clicks alone as a primary KPI. Instead, make sure that mobile clicks are actually generating value and have the correct attribution data in place to record this value.

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