72% of People Have Used Digital Assistant Voice Search,
According to Microsoft

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2019 Report from Microsoft Provides Greater Insight into Future of Voice Search

Microsoft’s recently released white paper “The 2019 Voice Report” reveals just how widespread voice search is, with 72% of survey respondents saying they’ve used a digital assistant to make a search. According to Microsoft’s survey results, the use of digital assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana is widespread, typically via a smartphone. 35% of respondents said they’ve used voice search with a smart home speaker, while 36% have said they’ve used voice commands to control a TV or smart home device. Voice search, as we’ve discussed in the past, has been growing in popularity. Microsoft’s report also provides some details about usage, with 25% of people saying they use their digital assistants to help them make a purchase. The report breaks down how digital assistants are commonly used, with the top uses remaining quick searches for info, directions to a location, or researching a business or product. Only about 25% of respondents said they’ve used a digital assistant to make a purchase, but over half use assistants to research before making a purchase. It’s clear from the data that voice search is growing in popularity as it allows users a quick and convenient way to get information on-the-go without having to reach for their device. Microsoft also touched on concerns over digital assistants, with over half of the survey respondents saying they are concerned over the security of their personal information and/or data. 41% of respondents also felt that their device is actively listening to or recording them, even when not in direct use. It’s a fascinating report that’s full of insight and information that points to future growth in vCommerce—voice-search assisted commerce—and just how important optimizing for voice truly is.


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