Meta Updates Its Ad Campaign Setup Introduces New ODAX Model

author image Written by: Rabije Gashi Corluka           Categories - Social Media

One more update coming from the folks at Meta, this time it’s all about your ads. Big changes are ahead in the Ad Manager Section and it’s all for a good cause – simplifying the campaign set-up process and adding more focus points that will come in handy when setting up an ad.

Meta explained that they want to “effectively guide advertisers to optimal campaign setups” and introduced us to their new model for objective selection – ODAX.

The Outcome-Driven Ad Experiences model is a place in the Ad Manager where an advertiser can select their desired business outcome when creating a new campaign. Meta will broaden the selection of the ad’s goals, so you will be able to choose between Awareness, Traffic, Engagement, Leads, App Promotion and Sales. “The interface will then guide you to the most optimal campaign set up to achieve the selected outcome”, said Meta.

The Goals

Wanting to simplify objectives and provide guidance, Meta explained that the new model could make things easier for everyone, including rookies in the marketing business. Why? Because of having the option to communicate their goals clearer.

For example, after you choose the campaign objective, the program will offer you an explanation of each objective, tell you what you should use it for, and how to use it in your promotions.

With Cross- Channel Conversion Optimizations, advertisers will be able to communicate their value and solutions across different channels (e.g. website + app) in a much easier way.

According to Meta, the biggest impact of this update will be noticeable in the Conversions, Messages and Video Views campaigns. There is no specific date when the update will be live and going, but it is announced for the year ahead.

Why This Matters?

No matter how often you’re using Facebook’s Ad Manager, you will see a change. It will probably come gradually but you still have to be prepared. This change will impact your Facebook and Instagram ads process, so you have to plan ahead with every minor change you see. Still, this update should make things way easier and – in the end – bring more profit.


Rabije Gashi Corluka