LinkedIn Shares Tips For Optimizing Business Pages

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LinkedIn Discloses 10 Most Followed Pages and Offers Business Tips

LinkedIn has shared tips for maximizing company pages, while also revealing its list of the 10 most followed pages on the platform. And while growing followers is cited as one of the top marketing aspirations on LinkedIn, how can a page draw attention in the first place? Let’s take a look at some of the top LinkedIn pages worldwide to find out.

  • TED Conferences (12.5 million followers): shares a combination of video, articles and pictures focused around motivational speech from business professionals.
  • Google (12.1 million followers): New content features corporate social responsibility projects, Google employees.
  • Amazon (8.6 million followers): provides followers with insights into business activities, customer insights, job interview tips, and more.
  • LinkedIn (8.2 million followers): LinkedIn’s own page shares helpful content for workers, employers, and job applicants.
  • Microsoft (7.8 million followers): Content includes company articles along with content produced by its staff and executives.
  • IBM (6.4 million followers): The information technology company places its focus on staff by highlighting innovation that its teams are driving.
  • Unilever (6.2 million followers): Short videos, colorful picture collages and branded graphics are what drives this company’s content
  • Nestlé (6 million followers): Content revolves around recruitment and hiring through the promotion of company culture and potential career paths.
  • Accenture (4.4 million followers): Content includes brief videos and links to fresh podcast episodes.
  • Facebook (4.4 million followers): Content focuses mainly on career development and career opportunities.

What Can We Learn from These Pages

All these popular LinkedIn accounts share several things in common:

  • They all post original video content
  • They are all socially responsible
  • They showcase a diverse company culture
  • They showcase their employee’s voices and internal talent
  • They all find creative and effective ways to showcase their innovations.

LinkedIn also notes that, above all, these companies produce great work, which is obviously key to building and maintaining a solid reputation.

Each company also has significant resources to create strong content, so it’s not always a fair comparison for smaller organizations in terms of their content output. However, there are some keynotes here that can help to guide your own LinkedIn strategy – or at the least, get you thinking about how you can improve your on-platform performance. If follower count is anything to go by, these are all examples of the types of content resonating most with users on LinkedIn.

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