Keeping Up With The Googles

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googleIn today’s world, search engine optimization is a battleground…of sorts. Web marketing agencies and SEO companies scramble to keep up with search engines and their new algorithms. But don’t fret, there are a number of things you can do to substantially improve your SEO yourself. Try these tips and see the difference they can make. A key function of a web marketing agency is to provide its clients with the proper tools, knowledge and means to create a strong, long lasting online presence.  Working with a web marketing agency or SEO company can dramatically improve your search engine optimization (SEO). Today, search engines such as Google and Yahoo are constantly updating their algorithms; making SEO much more difficult, finicky and challenging. This is why it’s so important to work with these agencies in today’s world. Web marketing agencies are constantly evolving and adapting, if they didn’t they couldn’t survive. Content over Ranking Many companies fixate over their rankings on search engines, but I’m here to tell you “don’t stress”. If you want to improve your SEO you must first improve your content. As we all know, web content should be well-written, interesting and include many applicable keywords, but that’s just the beginning. Your website should be very organized, well labeled, and easy to navigate. When I say this I mean you should have relevant titles, categories and subject headings on your pages. This way your webpage can be easily categorized by search engines. Being properly categorized improves the chances of your web page coming up in a search. Once these adjustments are made your ranking will follow accordingly. Focus on your web content and your ranking will rise. These are the very methods an SEO company would practice when working with a client. Here are some simple SEO tips you can apply yourself, be your own web marketing agency! Five Tips for Improved SEO 1. Properly utilize the description field. Be sure to use as many relevant key words as possible. Get straight to the point: who you are, what services you offer and what you can do for them. Be descriptive, but not too flowery; just keep it simple and relevant. 2. Keep URLs simple. Short and simple is the key to creating effective URLs. Use applicable keywords just like you did in the description field. Here is an example for an SEO company: www.LetsSEO.ca 3. The importance of social media. Your company can use social media to refer customers to your website. This is called “a referral visitor”.  This is an easy and effective way to convert social media followers into potential clients. 4. Use analytics. Analytics is a great way to see who’s visiting your site, and for how long, and what they’re looking at.  If you were to approach a web marketing agency for help, one of the first things they would do is run an analytics program on your site.  This is SEO 101, every SEO company uses analytics. 5. Take advantage of free SEO tools. There are a number of free SEO tools on the web you can use to ensure your webpage is up to par. These programs offer services such as: page indexing, SEO audits, keyword generating, analysis of keyword performance, and much more.

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