Is Your Nonprofit Taking Advantage of the $10,000 Ad Grant from Google?

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Google grants for non-profit organizations       Did you know that nonprofits in over 40 countries are eligible for a grant from Google? Few people know it, but charitable organizations can benefit from $10,000 per month in Google AdWords credits. Under certain conditions, this grant can even be extended to $40,000 per month. This is an incredible opportunity for all the nonprofits out there to start taking advantage of digital marketing to increase awareness, find new donors, and get people to take action and support their cause. Eligibility and Application to the Google Ad Grant Program The application process consists of 3 easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy steps:

  1. Make sure that you meet all the eligibility requirements
  2. Apply for Google for Nonprofits and wait for approval
  3. Enroll in the Google Ad Grants program

In order to take advantage of this free online advertising budget, your nonprofit must have a functioning website and be registered as a charitable organization: 501(c)3 in the US and federal charity, federal nonprofit, or provincial nonprofit in Canada. Government organizations, schools, child care facilities, universities, hospitals, and medical groups are unfortunately not eligible. Rules and Conditions to Maintain Your Google Ad Grant In order to maintain your ad grant, you are required to actively manage your AdWords account (logging into your account once a month and making at least one change every 90 days). Your ads must reflect your mission or organization, and the keywords you use must be relevant to your programs and services. The budget of $10,000 is split into a daily budget of $329, and the maximum bid per keyword is limited to $2, which means that it could be difficult to have your ads show up for competitive keywords. You can only promote one approved domain name, but there is a form available if you wish to request an exception (i.e: bilingual site with two domain names). Finally, the ads are limited to text ads on the Google search engine results page (SERP). How to Make the Best Out of the Google Ad Grant If you are working for a nonprofit, chances are that your resources and online marketing skills are limited. Experts at a digital marketing agency like SEO TWIST can help you define clear and measurable online goals (getting people to specific pages of your website, PDF downloads, newsletter sign-ups, volunteer recruitment, donations, and more), manage your AdWords campaign, and increase the conversion rate of your landing pages. We can also suggest you creative ways to increase donations with a remarketing campaign to transform your one-time donors into monthly donors, for instance. And last but not least, we can help you meet all the AdWords campaign management quality criteria required in order to access the “Grantspro” with a spending cap of $40,000 per month. Don’t wait any longer, join the Google for Nonprofit program, learn about all the other products and services Google offers to nonprofits (Google Apps for Nonprofits, YouTube Nonprofit Program, and Google Earth Outreach), and keep changing the world to make it a better place.

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