Why You Should Increase your Digital Marketing Budget in 2015

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digital marketing According to Garter’s CMO Spend Survey 2015, 43% of marketers cited connecting with their audience as their biggest challenge, ahead of serious competition and revenue growth. In today’s digital world, there is no more direct way to connect your brand to your audience than through digital marketing. As the amount of time people spend online increases, and mobile technology adds to the opportunities for people to shop, research, review, and interact with brands, the need for a strong digital marketing plan is more important than ever. In the marketing world digital and SEO services are the largest growing segment of the marketing mix. Mobile, video and social media are the fastest growing channels projected over the next 3-5 years. In fact, Garter’s survey found that 28% of marketers have decreased their traditional advertising budget to find more funds to allocate to digital marketing.

Why your Digital Marketing Spend is Worth it

It’s safe to say that majority of us go to Google first before making a purchasing decision. Diversity in digital platforms is increasing. There are already so many different places people interact with brands. Your brand needs to be where your customers spend their time online in their day-to-day lives. Being accessible in both digital and mobile realms means that you are available immediately when a customer needs information or decides to make a purchase.

Return on Investment

Digital marketing can provide valuable quantitative information in the form of data and analytics, allowing you to make smarter decisions on the minutiae of a campaign and maximizing SEO potential. This also allows marketers to more accurately determine their ROI, either in real time or accrued over the period of a campaign or fiscal period. It’s also more efficient than traditional methods with so many automated features that cut down on time, resources, and offer better value for your money.

Relationship Building

Social media, forums and comment sections create opportunities for two-way interactions with your audience on a scale that was previously impossible. This is a great way for brands to build trusting relationships with potential customers, as well as provide outstanding service and follow-up to existing customers.

SEO Cuts Through Clutter

Digital applications are being built into everything now, becoming more integrated into our everyday lives. On the flip side, every brand wants to be a part of it, so there’s a lot of noise to break through, in order to be heard. Leveraging SEO services and tactics can help cut through the clutter by bringing your online presence to the forefront. In the end, digital marketing is only as effective as it can be strategically integrated into your overall marketing plan. It is a segment of your greater marketing mix, but one that is becoming more and more essential as technology develops and the way people interact with brands evolves.

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