The Importance of Video Marketing in Getting Your Message Out There

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video marketing Busy lifestyles have people on the move. Finding the time to read up on a product or service isn’t always an easy task. This is why video marketing has taken businesses around the globe by storm. Unlike a written account of your business, a corporate video can be watched at any time, in any space; whether it be at home, while in transit, or at the office. Not only does it provide a verbal explanation, but it can also offer a compelling visual demonstration. A creative, well-produced video will ensure that the viewer remembers your brand, and it increases the chance that they’ll purchase your products and services. Video marketing powerful and extremely effective.


Watching video promotions has become a main method of advertising consumption amongst viewers. What makes this advertising medium so appealing has much to do with the fact that 80 per cent of users remember the video content they watched. Even more interesting is that of those viewers, 46 per cent become engaged and take action after watching a marketing video. For business owners that means that prospective clients either go to your website to learn more, or for those with ecommerce sites, they make an online sale. The fact is, it is more appealing to watch someone give a testimonial than read a written statement. It is important to note, however, that this only happens when the video is stimulating and engaging.


For a shop owner, having a physical store means that a salesperson can explain the products/services to the client, and upsell other items. The challenge with an online store is the difficulty in creating this personal experience. Video marketing can definitely counter this disadvantage. Your audience will be attracted to your “how-to” videos, product information, interviews or whichever method of video marketing you choose. Consider using a dynamic video such as this marketing video for instance – https://creativetrnd.com. Video marketing is also a quick, effective way to get information on products and services across to your audience, all the while spiking their curiosity.


These days, customers are more apt to review products online before they make their purchase. For this reason, it is critical that your business is on top of guiding the conversation to get an accurate message across. After all, you want to have full control of your businesses image before the cyber world decides for you. Having a video marketing campaign to promote your products or explain your services is also more relatable for the viewer. This will give you the advantage of being able to personalise the video content to reflect your uniqueness, allowing you to stand out from your competitors. As your target market watches your video they become involved with your brand. This involvement is actually increasing the likelihood that they will choose your business over another. This same prospective client, enticed by your video marketing, will also be more likely to share your video through social media. As video marketing increases in popularity it’s imperative that you maximize your marketing dollars with this type of memorable, potentially viral advertising.

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