How Videos Can Add Value to Your Website Improve Your SEO Rank and Increase Engagement with Video

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If a picture says a thousand words, how many words can a video say? 

That’s a complicated answer, but one thing isn’t complicated: the fact that video marketing can transform your brand’s website.

Videos are an extremely popular form of media that shows no sign of slowing down. Think of how many videos you’ve watched on YouTube, Tiktok, or elsewhere on the web in the last week. Now, think of how many other internet users are in the same boat as you. 

In this article, you’ll read about:

  • Why web users love video

  • How video can add value to your site

  • Where on your site you should place your videos

  • What kinds of videos every site needs

Why Your Website’s Visitors Love Video

The popularity of video isn’t a recent phenomenon. In fact, it’s all part of human nature. Science suggests that video is a particularly effective type of media for your site – here’s how: 

First, think of the challenges that web marketers face. A big one is keeping user’s attention. Plenty of research, like this 2019 study from the Technical University of Denmark, shows that our attention spans are getting shorter.

So, how can a website keep a viewer’s attention? Video, of course. After all, you’ve probably heard the adage, ‘humans are visual creatures.’ It’s true – in fact, an entire half of the brain is dedicated to processing visual info.

Plus, videos are easy for visitors to digest. According to a 2013 study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the human brain can process images in 13 milliseconds, meaning that visitors can quickly process information from your site’s videos. 

Ultimately, your site’s visitors are already wired to like video – why not cash in on this fact? 

More Ways that Videos Add Value to Your Site

Increases Engagement and Boosts Your SEO Score

Whether you post videos directly to your site pages or create a YouTube channel for your brand, video can help you land on the first page of a Google search.

We’ve told you that humans are drawn to video – now think about how much having a video on a site page can help your on-site engagement. This is one of the top factors that can boost your SEO score, meaning that videos provide a huge advantage.

You may have also noticed that some Google search queries lead to results pages that begin with a carousel of YouTube video links. Searches that prompt tutorials, often beginning with “how to…”, tend to do this. This means that applying SEO strategies like proper keyword use to the description of your YouTube videos can also help.

Encourages Trust-Building By Telling Your Brand’s Story

Strong videos don’t just rely on facts and statistics – they dazzle with human elements, too.

Every brand has a story, and customers love supporting brands with an appealing narrative. It may be hard to get visitors to read a scroll of text telling your story, but a video can do the trick.

Try to think of ways to incorporate storytelling techniques into your videos, and you’ll quickly reap the benefits.

Keeps People On Your Site Longer

There’s no denying that we spend a lot of time on the web watching videos. In 2018, Nielsen reported that American adults watch about six hours of video per day.

Having visitors spend even just a chunk of that six-hour period on your site could transform your brand’s success.

When visitors spend a relatively long time on your site, your SEO score increases, and the visitors has more time to soak in your brand’s ethos – in turn, drawing them into being a customer. Engaging videos are a surefire way to keep people on your site.

Makes a Great UX for eCommerce

Put yourself in a visitor’s shoes. Imagine that you’re curious about a brand and its products. You go to the website, but the product’s photos don’t give you enough insight on whether the product is right for you. 

Now imagine that those bare photos are replaced by a video, giving you a 360 degree view of the product and a narrated description that speaks to your senses. Surely, you’d be more likely to purchase that product.

eCommerce sites are one of many that can improve their user experience by incorporating video.

Where Should I Place My Videos?

Any page on your website can benefit from video, though the following three pages are great places to start.

Your Home Page

No need to hide your videos – they shine as one of the first things your site’s visitors see. An informational video alongside the home page’s introductory text offers a great alternative approach to learning about your brand.

You may also choose to use a video as a background, as opposed to a plain background or image. This option is visually stimulating, but it might increase your site’s loading time, so be careful!

About Pages

When someone clicks on your ‘about’ page, it’s pretty clear what they’re expecting: a rundown of what your brand is! Have you ever heard the phrase “show, don’t tell”?

A video can transform your brand’s ‘about’ page by giving visitors a valuable, more complete way to learn quick info that they’ll retain. 

Product Pages

Videos are the best way to give customers a comprehensive idea of what your product or service is all about. Whether your website offers a full eCommerce experience, or it’s simply a companion to your physical storefront, your products and services will be more appealing with video.

Types of Videos to Create 

Want to add video to your site, but you’re not sure where to start? These video formats capture viewers’ interests, and they can improve any type of website. Plus, they’re easy to produce – you don’t need to be Steven Spielberg to produce a video that makes an impact. 

Introduce Your Brand 

A simple video telling your brand’s story can go a long way. You could display this on your home page or ‘about’ page.

Create a Tutorial

Visitors turn to videos for answers. If your products or services include any elements that could be confusing, make an instructional video. You’ll also earn viewers’ trust this way.

Curate Testimonials

By sharing honest thoughts from excited, joyful customers, you’ll win over a whole new audience.

Video may have killed the radio star, but it will do the opposite for your brand’s website. Simple, well-placed videos can improve you site’s SEO ranking, increase viewer engagement, and turn visitors into customers.

Nicole McCormick

Nicole is a wordsmith wizard, passionate about the written word and an avid storyteller who uses creatively crafted prose to help bring your brand’s story to the next level. A former journalist with writing credits in both local and national news publications and a few newspaper awards under her belt, Nicole now enjoys telling your stories and finding new and creative ways to create valuable content that resonates with audiences in the digital landscape.