How to Turn PPC into Conversions

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The goal of anyone who engages in a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is to increase the conversion of clicks into customers. The beauty of PPC is that it allows you to only pay for the ad space that people click on. It’s available through services like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and even YouTube. Here are a few tips to strengthen your PPC advertising campaigns:

  • 1. Tailor your campaign toward your conversion goals. Do your research and choose your keywords carefully. Be ready to modify them if necessary.
  • 2. Go where your customers are. AdWords is the biggest platform and has a lot of great features, but some demographics might be more likely to see your ad on social media.
  • 3. Know your customers, and gear your ad copy towards their needs. Headlines that illustrate results can increase conversions by 30%. For example, instead of, “Plumbing services in Ottawa,” try, “Ottawa – We’ll fix your pipes today!” Keeping it local lets your clients know that your services are within arm’s reach.
  • 4. Be specific – it makes you more trustworthy. If you’ve had 734 happy customers so far this month, then say so. Keeping things current can bring a 23% increase in conversions, too.
  • 5. If you’re running a limited time offer, include a live countdown in your ad – Google AdWords has this feature. No one likes missing out on a great sale, so it’s no surprise that using a countdown can bring you a 32% click-through increase.
  • 6. Perhaps instead of sending your PPC clicks to your homepage you might want to consider sending them to a landing page related to a specific product or service. This landing page should convert clicks into customers with strong call-to-actions.
  • 7. Lastly, and most importantly, test things out! The sooner you get your ads out there, the sooner you can identify what does and doesn’t work, and how you can improve your conversions.

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Meta Turned off Facebook Ads Overnight


Yesterday morning was a tough one for a bunch of advertisers using Meta for Business accounts. Along with their morning coffee came the news that their Facebook ads were turned off for the night. And not just any ads – but the best performing ads!

If you usually run ads on the platform, it would be a good idea to log into your account and double-check if your ads were working on Tuesday around 7 pm PST.

You can easily check this by filtering by Ad delivery in ad manager, as explained by Rok Hladnik on Twitter:


Meta hasn’t yet issued a statement, but this issue sure could have caused serious damage to your campaigns. Check if your ads were turned off even earlier, check for changes in your campaign, and assess the damage.

Check out this Twitter discussion!

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Meta Is Updating Detailed Targeting Options


Meta will remove some of the ad targeting options related to sensitive topics on January 19.

The goal is to meet people’s growing expectations about how advertisers can reach them, as well as to address comments from civil rights experts and policymakers on the importance of preventing advertisers from abusing the targeting options Meta provides.

On January 19, they will be removing some Detailed Targeting options on topics that people find sensitive, such as targeting options referencing causes, organizations or public figures that relate to health, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Some of the examples they provided were:

  • Health causes: ‘Lung cancer awareness’, ‘World Diabetes Day’
  • Sexual orientation: ‘ LGBT culture’, ‘Same-sex marriage’
  • Religious practices: ‘Jewish holidays’, ‘Catholic church’
  • Political beliefs, social issues, organizations and figures

 Why Is This Important?

If you use Facebook for advertising, you won’t be able to rely on targeting options that relate to sensitive topics. This means you will have to change your ad strategy when planning new campaigns. However, the existing campaigns you have will be able to run for additional 60 days after the new update. Some edits in the campaign (such as spending limit or name) will be possible to make until March 17, without affecting the targeting. But, if you pause the campaign before March 17, you will be unable to turn it back on without updating the targeting.

Additionally, Meta will remove targeting options that have not been widely used because of their overall redundancy. They didn’t mention anything specific.




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