How Instagram Is Trying To Appeal To A Younger Audience Why you have to change your social media strategy

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You can’t say you haven’t noticed how Social Media networks are trying to get closer to the Tik-Tok style and adapt to the younger audience. And who can blame them?

Facebook, now called Meta, is famous for its revolutionary changes, but as Instagram chief Adam Mosseri said, they now want to switch their focus on simplicity and craft.

That led them to add a new change on Instagram – minute-long stories. The stories will no longer be fragmented into 15-second parts when posted. Reportedly, that is “highly requested by their community”.

It looks like Instagram will now resemble Tik-Tok more – we’ll be able to see a lot more videos on the feed. Feed posts, Stories, and Reels can now be of the same length, while IGTV will be going into retirement.

This means that you will soon be able to post whole Reels in Stories, share ordinary videos as Reels, and, of course, post a Story.

According to this source, this also means that, whenever you record a video in the app itself, Instagram will now automatically publish the video as a Reel, but also show it on your profile and on your followers’ feed. So, the goal here is to increase video circulation on the platform to appeal to new, young followers.

Of course, the biggest difference is that Instagram is limited to showing the videos only to your followers, as opposed to Tik-Tok that can show your content to the whole world.

The biggest difference in Instagram as we know it, however, is that this social network is no longer just a digital photo album. It’s a platform that wants to entertain its users.

What does that mean for you?

Some app users will not like this change and you will have to find a way to adjust your social media strategy to your followers, but also use the situation the best you can – to best suit your business.

Video will now be a primary component in your social media strategy, which means you have to consider how long your audience’s attention span is. How many seconds do you have before they give up watching your content?

That being said, even though the attention grabbing period is shorter, the videos are getting longer – keep this in mind when creating another post.

The Takeaway

Video, video, video. As always, you need to know your audience and the platform you use if you want to put together a successful strategy. That’s why it is very important to take everything into account – the length of the video, the quality of the content, and your followers’ interests. Combine all and connect it with your company and products. It will take time for users to get used to the changes, but if you play it smart – it will be worth it.

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Instagram’s Main Feed Going Full Screen


Instagram will soon begin testing a screen redesign for its main feed, Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced via an Instagram story.

He expressed that “photos are still an important part of Instagram” and said that Instagram was trying to find ways to improve how photos will be shown in this full-screen feed. He didn’t specify or give any details on how they’ll do it.

However, it’s funny to see two opposing opinions and statements, because we clearly remember Adam Mosseri saying how Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app and how videos are top priorities.

Here’s what Zuck had to show us:

Photo Source: Instagram Screenshot obtained by Search Engine Journal

As you can see from the picture, a small area at the bottom is reserved for navigation, every other element is on top of the content. Some say it looks very much like TikTok. We’ll see what this will look like with photos since they’re not currently being uploaded in full-screen format dimensions.

Techcrunch reports that in the test version, Instagram applied a blurred, gradient border to make the photos blend in. People complained about it so we’ll just have to wait and see what Insta will do about that.

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Top Latest Instagram Updates

Instagram has been working pretty hard to keep us on our toes. We’re caught looking to see what they have in mind not only for competing with TikTok but for staying relevant and up to date with the time by developing and offering new features for creators, parents, and regular mortals like you and me, etc.

Check out these recent updates Instagram had in store.

Parental Control

This feature is rolling out in seven more countries in the world – the UK, Japan, Australia, Ireland, Canada, France, and Germany. With this feature, parents can start supervising their child’s Instagram account and set periods during the week when the child can use the social media platforms.

Parents will also be given information on when their child reports something on Instagram. Both parents must agree to turn on the feature.

Take A Break Feature & Nudges

This feature encourages creators to raise awareness about mental health and lets you know how much time you’ve spent on Instagram. It will also encourage you to do something else instead of scrolling through your feed.

You will be notified if you spend too much time on one topic and Instagram will suggest you explore another topic. This might be a cool way of discovering new things on Instagram.

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Features For Creators

As more creators use Instagram, the platform has rolled out tons of new features designed specifically for them.

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Instagram Introduces Digital Collectibles


Instagrams’s NFT display options are finally getting their initial release, almost a year after they first started working on it.

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri announced that the company is holding initial testing of its new NFT features with a select group of US creators. Integrations will be offered for Ethereum and Polygon, with Flow and Solana to follow. To verify ownership, NFT owners will be able to connect their Rainbow, Trust Wallet, and MetaMask accounts. Instagram says that there will be no fees associated with posting or sharing a digital collectible on Instagram.

Digital Collectibles Feature

The feature includes:

  • Connecting a digital wallet – after connecting their wallets, creators and collectors will be able to choose which NFT from their wallet they want to share on Instagram
  • Sharing digital collectibles – once shared, the digital collectible will have a shimmer effect and will be able to show public information, like the description of the NFT.
  • Automatic tagging of both the creator and collector – if their privacy setting allows it, both creators and collectors can be automatically credited in the digital collectible post.
Photo Source: Instagram Official Blog

Users will be able to show their NFTs on the main feed, within Stories or in DMs. there will also be a new tab added, that will have a tick inside of a hexagon which will mean that the NFTs are verified. The same hexagon tick will be included on NFT images within the main post feed.

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Photo Source: Instagram Official Blog

Eventually, Instagram plans to integrate bidding into the process as well.

All of this seems like a great effort to keep up with the market even though the NFT trading has been declining recently. According to a recent report in The Wall Street Journal, NFT sales declined by 92% since September, while active wallets declined by 88% since November.

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