How Google Search Recent Changes Will Affect SEO

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Google Search Updates To Spark Change In The World Of SEO

Google is currently undergoing significant changes that are going to affect the way we do our research, and subsequently influence the SEO world. Let’s take a look at how these changes will affect SEO.

Google Discover

Google Discover is a content recommendation platform based on your research and online behavior that was introduced in 2016. Discover can be found on the Google homepage. Since it was launched,  the platform has been updated and includes many new features. The new version of discovery currently offers:

  • Better organization
  • More visual content
  • Evergreen content
  • Possibility of customization for more or less content of a particular subject

The Google Discovery revamp has a similar approach to social media apps. Google Discovery can be crucial for SEO as there’s no existing strategy to filter the content of those types of searches. This new way of searching also means that businesses will attract potential clients that aren’t even looking for the relevant terms. It also means that other SEO tactics must be set up to attract the right audience.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant and improved version of Google Now. Google Assistant is able to figure out exactly what you’re asking, make suggestions and complete your tasks by using other apps. It can also:

  • Search the web
  • Schedule events and alarms
  • Show Google account info
  • Adjust devices settings

But how will it affect SEO? With this two-way conversation system, users can get answers without looking at a search result. It’s a game changer in the search engine world. The more users rely on Google Assistant, the less likely they will rely on Google Search results. To attract the right audience, businesses will have to adjust their SEO strategies to target the kind of behavior that is exclusive to search.

A Big Shift

From Answers to Journeys

For more than just a quick answer, people will soon be able to “pick up where they left off”. This option comes in handy when you need information to complete a longer-running task. You may come back to Search to find information on the same topic, double back or discover new associated ideas. You will also be able to add content to collections and tabs that suggest what to learn about next, personalized to the user’s search history.

From Textual to Visual

Google Searches will now be backed by visual support. New featured videos have also been added to Search, providing an overview on topics that you are interested in. Image search has also been revised so that pages with relevant content and central images are prioritized and have a better ranking. Captions and suggested searches are also another addition.

 What Does It Really Mean For SEO?

Those changes mean that SEOs must find new strategies that consider:

  • Content recommendation engines
  • Social media algorithms
  • Ecommerce product recommendation engines
  • Amazon’s search algorithms
  • Smart devices, smart homes, and the internet of things
  • Mobile apps
  • Augmented reality

SEOs who ignore those changes and don’t act upon them will find themselves losing ground to their competitors. As some doors close, other ones open. SEO specialists should see new opportunities within the industry rather than seeing this announcement as tragic news implying the end of search engine optimization. And while yes, traditional search is coming to an end, it also means the expansion of SEO to larger horizons where algorithms and marketing meet, and new possibilities emerge.

Jérôme Léon

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