How Content and Design Support Each Other Design Doesn’t Always Come Before Content – Here’s Why

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Content and design are both crucial components of any website. Content refers to any media that a visitor may consume: text, audio, video, and even interactive web elements. Design, meanwhile, refers to the elements used to present the site’s content: layout, fonts, colours, and much more.

These two website components are closely related, but how? Do content and design rely on each other? Which is led by the other?

Your first instinct may tell you that design leads and content follows, but this isn’t necessarily the approach that produces the best results. In reality, they should guide each other, and content production should be incorporated during the design phase.

Why Content Is Important for Website Design

User Experience

No matter how carefully you curate the design of your website, it won’t be the first thing your visitors remember. Content is what sticks with them. For that reason, it’s important to make sure that your site’s content has the same “wow factor” that your design elements give off.

Design Frames Content

Think of your design elements as a frame. Design can enhance your content, but ultimately, the content’s substance does not change. As a result, strong, meaningful content is necessary for your design to do its job to the fullest.


Having a well-designed website isn’t going to make your site pop up in Google searches – you’ll need to count on search engine optimization to do that. SEO is one of the most important concepts to consider in promoting your brand on line, and content is where it all matters.

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How Design Guides Content


As a designer, it’s important to measure the balance between creativity and simplicity. You want your site to stand out, but you don’t want to overwhelm the visitor. One key tip is often overlooked: make sure your content is easy to read. This means using reasonably-selected fonts and colours, and staying consistent for the visitor’s benefit.


Your content should be accessible to everyone. That means a visitor’s personal circumstances should not limit their ability to interact with your content. Consider visitors with visual or hearing impairments, learning disabilities, internet accessibility, or anything else that may affect how a visitor interacts with your content.


Your content may be strong, but if it is presented poorly, it will instantly lose its magic. Professional content deserves to be paired with professional design. Choose design elements that look great, and visitors will form a more positive opinion of your brand as a whole.

Why Content Should Come Before Design

You might think that the most obvious approach to building a website is to first make decisions surrounding the design, then to add in content at the last minute. For better results, you should incorporate your content creation into the design process. This will allow both components to complement each other, ultimately leading to an effective website.

Good websites have strong design and content, but great websites have design and content that strengthen each other.

Think about it – if a visitor perceives your design and content as two separate entities that don’t match each other, they may get the sense that your brand is disjointed and lacks unity.

How to Incorporate Content Production Into the Design Phase

The key to encouraging content and design to mesh together is communication. The following techniques lend themselves to effective communication that should bring out the best in your site.

Create a Roadmap

When it comes to building a website, planning is everything. You may end up making several changes throughout designing and developing your site, but a base plan is totally crucial. That’s why roadmaps are so great. These planning accessories allow you to envision how your journey towards a complete website will unfold. By sharing a roadmap with your team, everyone will understand what role they are playing in your site’s success.

Communication and Project Management

Having a good project management system is a must when content and design teams work together. Among other benefits, a project management system will allow the design team to access content in real-time, allowing them to access tangible examples of what will appear on the site they are designing.

Develop Content Outlines Before Writing It

Earlier, we mentioned that planning is everything. That statement doesn’t just apply to website design, but to content as well. By planning out content in advance, creators will understand the larger role that each individual piece of media will play in your project as a whole.

It turns out that content and design are not as different as you may have thought. Both give your site’s visitors a strong impression of your brand, and both components rely on each other to shine. Consider how these components interact with each other as you build your site – you’ll end up with a site full of gears that turn in perfect harmony.

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Twitter Testing New Options For Attaching Content


Even though the younger generation doesn’t want us to use GIFs anymore (yeah, I’m confused too), Twitter is testing an option that would let us attach not only oh-so-convenient-and-dear GIFs but other media as well. Seems like Twitter is working on increasing engagement and encouraging more creativity among its users.


This option could make way for more creative opportunities, expand its expressive tools and help businesses connect with their audience better. However, no one knows when this option will see the light of day.

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Social Media Today reached out to Twitter and asked for a comment, but they got no specific response, which doesn’t come as a surprise since Twitter itself doesn’t know what the platform will be like in the coming period, with Elon Musk buying the platform.

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Another great thing about this option is the possibility to better showcase your product. With a single tweet, you could offer a photo of your product and a how-to-use video. That way, you can highlight everything there is about your product in a single place, making this option also opens a possibility to make ads more effective.

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On the other hand, you can also consider using GIFs for communicating with your audience, or use them as promo content – you can let your creativity decide – the possibilities are endless.

Since we don’t know when exactly this option will be available, it wouldn’t hurt to put some ideas on paper and consider customizing your Twitter strategy.

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Instagram Updating Its Ranking Algorithm 


Instagram chief Adam Mosseri announced that Instagram is adding a few changes in order to put more focus on creators and the credit they get. One of the mentioned changes is updating its ranking algorithm with the goal to put more focus on original work. Judging by the number of copy-paste posts we’ve seen so far, this update should have been made a long time ago.


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Making Sure The Credit Goes To Those Who Deserve It

Instagram announced the following changes:

  • Product Tags – it will now be available to everyone. So, no matter who you are, you will be able to tag products and drive traffic and attention to a business, creator or a company that they like.
  • Enhanced People Tags – now, you can add a category for yourself (into profile, edit profile) which will show up when you are tagged in a photo or a video. This makes sure you have your identity be what you want it to be, and credited according to your wishes.
  • Ranking – people that actually created something from scratch should be more credited for that, so the algorithm will focus more on that kind of content.

“We are going to do more to try and value original content more, particularly compared to reposted content. So, more to come there as well.” – said Mosseri in the announcement.

But, what does it exactly mean? As mentioned in SocialMediaToday, the changes in ranking are not that well explained and it’s not clear if any penalization will happen.

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What Will Affect The Ranking?

The Twitter community did have some questions regarding the originality of content and asked about editing outside of the app. If you remember, Instagram started down-ranking content that was re-shared from other apps. So, if you will be re-posting your TikTok with a watermark on it, your content will still be penalized. However, if you only edited it off the Instagram app, that shouldn’t be a problem and won’t affect your rank.

Still, Mosseri admits that Instagram can’t know for sure if a content piece is an original or not. They only build classifiers that will show how likely something is to be an original, but they can never know for sure. It’s still a work in progress.

Posting History Is Also A Factor

Content aggregators are the focus of this update, and Instagram will be able to determine this with the account’s posting history. Instagram is more likely to detect that an account is an aggregator if it re-posts a lot of content from other accounts.” So if you’re re-posting a lot of content from other accounts, you’ll likely see a drop in reach.

The main goal of the whole update is, as we mentioned, to give more credit to original creators, but the system is not yet perfect. However, Mosseri said that Instagram will continue to improve its detection features over time to better distinguish where the content comes from and who posts original content, to promote the real creators and reduce the influence of big farm accounts.

It looks like it’s time to say goodbye to reposting trending memes in order to boost engagement.


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