“How an online marketing company will benefit from Google’s latest update named Hummingbird that makes searches more personable”

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A new and exciting feature in the online marketing world is that top search engine Google has updated an algorithm, which has been, code named Hummingbird.  It is a big change that affects the way the user will interact with the search query and search engine. This article will outline an important element that affects this search engine optimization service.   Hummingbird affects the large or complex search queries that people enter or speak into the search bar. With more and more advancements in microphones and voice recognition software, Google is in need for a new mathematical formula that can handle these demands. Many people are more using the speech feature on the Google search bar or on their mobile phones, now Google has responded with an upgraded search formula. It has been harder for Google to find results for long search queries in the millions of categories it has on its Knowledge Graph. The new change is estimated that it will affect about ninety percent of the search requests that Google gets. The changes affect how search engine optimization service SEO Twist will impact traffic on to websites.   The update has been introduced because people have become so reliant on Google. They no longer type in short phrases but rather long lengthy questions. Google is attempting to create more of a connection between user and the search engine. Discrete and lengthy terms can be identified quickly, longer queries does not mean it is harder to find the answers.  There has been many intuitive and innovative steps to make Google better and a tool for everyday life.  Some visible milestones that have changed search engine optimization services forever have been introduced by Google. Some examples that Google has changed the search experience is because first, synonyms in a search, auto completion of queries, universal search on all kinds of topics, Knowledge Graph that understands concepts and not just words, voice search and predictive search. All of these aspects have helped online marketing companies improve their products and services. The next steps for Google are huge, innovative and like never before. Google will be more human than just a search engine. Imagine having a search engine anticipate what you might want to find or even have a conversation with it in a natural way. This is where Google is headed; it will be able to help you look for whatever you need easier, better and more efficiently. This will help users and online marketing companies such as SEO Twist tremendously.  Online marketing companies such as SEO Twist will be able to predict patterns more simply and allow for new ways to generate answers and get better knowledge.  The voice search will be much more enhanced, so that users do not have to repeat the same keyword is they are searching multiple things of the same subject. SEO Twist can benefit from this immensely and customers can see the results and impact it will have on the their traffic.

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