How Ad Retargeting Can Help Your Business Grow

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Are you familiar with the term ad retargeting, also called remarketing? Did you know that only 2% of your website visitors are converted into customers on their first visit to your site? By helping motivate the other 98% through the sales funnel, ad retargeting is a great way to yield higher conversion rates from those who’ve already visited your site. It goes like this: a potential customer leaves your website without completing a transaction. A code called a “pixel” is left in their browser. When they visit a site with available ad space, such as the Weather Network, this pixel lets you, the advertiser, bid on that space in real time, before the page loads. The bidding process takes less than a second. This strategy works really well because as you know, nobody likes to rush into a purchase. A properly-deployed retargeting campaign makes sure that your product, service, or membership stays on the table while the potential customer continues browsing, and considers their options. Then, when they’re ready to convert, they’ll be able to find your website with ease and finalize the transaction. Remember that when setting up an ad retargeting campaign it’s important that you limit your ad frequency: there’s a subtle difference between a gentle reminder and a nuisance. If you want to see firsthand how ad retargeting can boost your conversion rates, reach out to the digital marketing experts at SEO TWIST.

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The Perfect Coupling: SEO Services & Ad Retargeting


ad retargetingIn the digital era, consumers have countless choices and most people do a lot of research before settling for a specific product or service. While many business owners turn to digital marketing to help them find, acquire and retain new customers, the biggest challenge they face is selecting the best digital strategy from the countless (and confusing) options. We believe that engaging in ad retargeting combined with search engine optimization (SEO) services drives solid results. In fact, SEO and ad retargeting are actually two pieces of the same puzzle. The first focuses on driving traffic to a website, while the later allows businesses to gain new customers.

Piece One: SEO Services

Regardless of how good your products or services may be, if consumers are not aware they exist, then you have failed. Sixty percent of consumers actually start their research with a search engine before heading to a specific website. This is where digital marketing–SEO and Pay-Per-Click advertising–come in handy. These services help businesses optimize their potential online. By applying fine-tuned strategies, SEO practices help websites rank higher on the search engine results pages, which ultimately result in more traffic, and increased sales.

Piece Two: Ad Retargeting

seo tipsDid you know that only about 2% of people actually make a purchase during their first visit to an online store? To convert as much of the other 98% as you can, the use of ad retargeting techniques are both powerful and effective. Retargeting is a cookie-based method that uses code to follow a prospect shopper online. The strategy is to “target” that 98% of prospective customers and follow them with company/product/service-specific ads as they browse other website. For example, Bob visits an online clothing store, but is not yet ready to make a purchase (it could be that he doesn’t have enough money at the moment or that he is “window shopping”). He exits the page without buying anything, but notices banner ads for that particular company while surfing different websites. Because he was reminded of the company during his time online, even after he left the website, it stayed in the forefront of his mind, encouraging him to make a purchase a little while later. Ad retargeting works to bring these targeted visitors back to your website to complete or make the purchase, which they had already considered.

A Sweet Combination

UntitledCombining SEO services and ad retargeting can do wonders for your online business for the following reasons: • Perfect complementation: SEO services and ad retargeting complete each other perfectly. These techniques have similar goals, making them absolute partners. • Better visibility: Together, they broaden the business’ visibility as a whole. SEO services will result in more visibility in search engines, whilst ad retargeting will result in better ‘cross-website promotion’. • Increased traffic: Ad retargeting by itself can be a powerful marketing tool, but when it is combined with SEO services, businesses are much more likely to acquire more traffic from new and returning prospects. • More sales: Ad retargeting generates more sales by constantly keeping your brand on the prospect’s radar. At the same time, visibility generated by SEO results in an increase in leads. Leads are the starting point of any relationship with a brand. • Personalized message: Everyone is different. With this strategy, you can customize the message to an individual depending on their interests and also in consideration of the time that has passed since they initially visited your website. Let’s look at Bob as an example again. Your company offers a mobile application that works on both iPhones and Androids. Bob looked at your website and showed interest in the iPhone version of the app, but did not download it. After 30 days, he has still not made a purchase or download. At this point, your ad retargeting campaign kicks in and banner ads about the iPhone app start appearing on other websites that Bob is surfing. This reminds him about your company and app. He decides to click the banner ad and download the iPhone version of the app on your website. This particular scenario demonstrates how this strategy sends a personalized message that is geared towards the potential customer you are targeting. • Increased brand awareness: Not only does this strategy help bring leads back to your website, but because it is repetitive by nature and serves to remind potential customers of your company, it strengthens your brand awareness. If you want to generate more sales, drive more traffic and be more visible online, then use a digital marketing agency that understands how to best couple SEO services and ad retargeting for optimal results.

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