Hiring Professionals is your Best Bet for Effective Video Marketing

author image Written by: Alain Purney           Categories - Digital Marketing

The average person watches one hundred and eighty-six videos each month. Here are a few quick reasons your business should hire a digital marketing agency to make sure yours is one of them.

  • First, Marketing professionals mean professional quality. In 2014, nine of the ten most-watched videos were produced at a professional level.
  • Two: Videos are concise, powerful & make a strong impression. Your viewers will remember ninety-five per cent of what they see, as opposed to only ten per cent of what they read.
  • Three: Video marketing increases your reach. You’re nearly fifty times more likely to be on Google’s front page, where ninety-one per cent of all Google traffic happens, if your site has a video.
  • Four: Want to drive engagement? Engage your audience. Sixty per cent of your visitors will watch a video on your site before they read the text. They’ll stay on your site seven times longer, and are three times more likely to link to you on social media.
  • And five: Video arms you with the power of persuasion. Videos can increase your sales by up to forty per cent, and conversion – that’s visitors becoming customers – by eighty-six per cent.

So what are you waiting for? Hire a digital marketing agency to integrate video into your marketing strategy today.

Alain Purney

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