Google's Policy Center Update Makes It Easier For Publishers to Review and Monitor Policy Violations You Can Now Prioritize And Fix Issues In The New Policy Center

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This week, Google introduced us to their new update on the Policy center – the centralized hub to review and monitor policy violations and appeals which helps ensure publishers have the information they need to monetize their inventory and remain policy compliant.

With the new update, users are being introduced to the ability to report the number of ad requests affected by policy issues, as well as to the advanced filters for better understanding, prioritizing, and resolving issues.

What’s New?

The new update came with improved health summary and robust filtering among other things. The improved account health summary provides a quick overview of the total number of sites and apps with issues, highlighting the issues that are a “Must Fix” – which will come in handy when prioritizing the issues that need attention. You can also see the impact on ads serving for any page where ads have been disabled or restricted.

With the new Robust filtering option, you can now filter the tables using single or multiple columns – like all issues reported that are a “must Fix”. You can also download a list of issues as a CSV file. Issues across sites and apps are now a part of a single issue table and there is a new aggregate column introduced – “Ad requests – last 7 days” – that helps publishers understand the impact of each issue and prioritize them accordingly.

What’s Next?

Google says more changes are on the way, which means more ways to solve issues faster. One of them should be the ability to take screenshots of issues in the Policy center –  that should help you exactly where the issue is and give you the context to fix it quickly.

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