Google’s Newest Shopping Features New Ways Of Helping Searchers Find Deals

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Google just announced a couple of new features to help shoppers find deals, Search Engine Roundtable reports. Now you can fast-track your search and narrow down your deals with these new features:

  • Side by Side Deal Comparisons
  • Clippable Coupons & Promotion Codes
  • Price Insights

These new features are coming just in time to help searchers find to make the best choices and find the right price for the holidays.

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Side By Side Deals

It’s no secret that shoppers don’t take long to decide if they want something. On average users will click away from a page pretty quickly. Not to mention it only takes 15 seconds to decide if they want to click on a page to begin with.

Well not to fear, Google’s side by side deals comparison is here. They’ve added this new feature into shopping results so that users can see deals across different retailers.

If you’re searching for winter boots, you’ll now see a variety of different listings. I mean what’s not to love, you’re on a good track to getting the best deal.

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Coupons And Promotion Codes

Not to throw shade, but you know those scammy looking clippable coupon codes that you see on some sites? Well as usual Google does everything better.

They’ve recycled this idea and turned it into an eye-catching shopping incentive. If you’ve got your eye on an item and you send it into search, you’ll be faced with many options. But, now some will have clippable promo codes and coupons, Google has made them look incredible sleek.

Let’s say you’re not ready to be a big spender at the moment, well you’re going to love this. You can actually save the coupon for later once you’ve got the right amount of coin saved up.

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Price Insights

And last but certainly not least (because everyone loves low prices), Google is helping you make better purchases with price insights. Now you’ll be able to see what prices were in the past on that item you’ve been wanting. The bonus is that you can compare prices across merchants.

With that being said, if you weren’t psyched to turn into a shopaholic this season, you should be now. Stay tuned for more shopping updates from Google Search.

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Google Shopping is Testing Quick Checkout & Chats


Over the past few days, some have noticed a new shopping feature that Google appears to be testing, a chat button and quick checkout option.

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Chat & Quick Checkout

With Google Shopping getting an upgrade, it seems like this feature might be part of the plan to increase visualization and personalization for users. That is to say a tool for shoppers to message merchants questions about a product would certainly attract users to use Google Shopping!

Both features have been spotted in product search results, the chat feature positioned just beside the listed price. The quick checkout feature has appeared to be conveniently located on the search bar for Google Shopping.

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I mean who wouldn’t be tempted by that, shopping support and quick checkout. On the other hand, don’t get too excited yet, many speculate that Google is still fine-tuning these features.

People picked up this test feature quickly, among them SEO consultant Glenn Gabe. He tweeted about the chat in Google shopping. Here’s what he has to say:


Google’s Search On 2022 Shopping Features

Anyone keeping up to date with Google updates, knows they tend to test features without announcing them. Testing product search chat and quick checkout have yet to be announced by Google, which is a little surprising.

Google has listed 9 new shopping features at the Search On 2022 event. Hopefully chats and quick check will join the list, when testing is complete. Shopping in 3D, personalized results, and shopping guides were though!

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Barry Schwartz thinks it’s possible that Google is still coordinating with merchants to set up chat hours and options. In any event, these features are still being tested and weren’t ready to be announced at the Google Search On 2022 event.

Be sure to keep an eye on Google Shopping to see if you can spot the chat or quick checkout feature, it may be available for use in the near future!

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Google is Launching 9 New Shopping Features


Google’s Search On 22 event was held just a couple of days ago and some big changes to the shopping experience were announced. In fact, a total of nine new shopping features and tools will be added to Google Search.

Google knows that shopping isn’t always about purchasing, in fact there are so many more components to the experience. Browsing, looking at new styles, or even checking back to see if there’s been a price drop on something you’ve been eyeing are all part of the shopping experience.

Buying is the end goal but so much more goes into online shopping and Google wants to make sure that your experience is top-notch.

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Google’s focus for the set of new shopping features is grounded in providing personalized results. While presenting items in a way that is visually engaging and immersive.

Here’s a run through of their new additions:

Use “Shop” to Begin your Search

Sometimes when you’re looking for a product you just type the name in. A visual feed of products and associated tools is presented in U.S. searches when adding ‘shop’ before the item you’re hunting for. What a great feature!

Well, you’re in luck because this is one of Google’s first additions to the shopping user experience. This search method was most common for apparel, but Google decided that’s not enough. Now, when users search ‘shop’ before their select product, they will be face to face with the same visual feed of products.

Use a “Look” to Shop

We’ve all heard the phrase in the fashion industry, “shop the look”. It’s also so annoying when you see a picture of a fit you want but you have no way of knowing where the items are from.

Well, you guessed it, Google has a solution to that too! Looking for a way to style your winter coat and match a pair of boots so you don’t look like a fashion catastrophe? Just search for the item and Google will not only provide you with so many great visual options but also complementary pieces.

Featuring Trending Products

Later this fall, Google will make available the trending products feature. This will enable users to search and see what others are looking for. With this feature, who knows maybe you’ll be the next trend setter!

Shopping in 3D

Earlier this year, Google added a 3D feature for home goods on Search. Now they’re taking it to the next level.

People interact with 3D images because they’re so engaging and you get a better idea of what the product looks like. Google will be adding shoes to the mix for 3D shopping, so look out for that soon!

Complex Purchasing Guide

No matter what you’re shopping for, with so many options on the market, it can be hard to decide what to pick. But have no fears, Google has a solution for that too!

The new complex purchasing guide will be available to users based on the specific product they are looking at. Based on the specific product, Google’s purchasing guide will offer you insights and info from verifiable sources.

Helping you make a more informed decision about which product to buy has never been easier.

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See what everyone else is thinking

In the coming months, page insights are expected to launch as a new shopping feature for users. You’ll no longer have to wonder if someone else would buy a product because you’ll have a good idea of it with this feature. Pros and cons, stars, and ratings are all bridged together to give users a better idea of how useful or quality a product is.

Personalized Results

If you’ve been scouring the internet for the perfect bag or hat and coming up with no luck, well this Google feature can help out.

Now when you’re searching on Google for something, you will welcome this new feature that provides you with like items, similar to your previous searches. However, some might be concerned about privacy issues and if this feature isn’t’ for you, simply switch off the feature with the toggle bar.

Shopping with Unique Filters

Another one of Google’s new shopping features has to do with filters. The simple filters are no longer your only option, if you’re searching for something that has many options, you can filter it!

Take shoes for example. If you just search for that, you’ll have so many options. But this feature enables Google to provide you with specific filters to narrow your search, like heels, trainers, or sandals.

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Be Inspired by Google Discover

If you have the Google app, you’ll love this feature. The discover tab will begin to give you suggestions based on your recent shopping preferences. If you see a shopping suggestion, simply tap on it and you’ll be able to see where you can purchase it. I mean come on, what’s not to love!

Shopping Made Easier

With all these new features and tools, shopping is no longer a tedious task. Google has made it an exciting interactive and visual experience for users. In the coming month keep an eye out for some of these new features when you’re on the hunt.

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