Google’s New PPC Update Will Reorganize PPC Features The Search Engine Hopes to Bring More “Clarity” to Bidding Strategies

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Google has confirmed that a forthcoming update to bidding strategies won’t see any major changes, after the search community shared concern over the update’s contents.

The announcement was shared in February through Google’s Ads Developer Blog. It explains that a future update will reorganize existing ad tools and features – specifically, the ‘Target CPA’ and ‘Target ROAS’ bidding strategies.

In the announcement, Google writes that these bidding strategies will still be available, but they will be organized underneath other ‘primary’ bidding strategies. In other words, ‘Target CPA’ can be selected underneath the ‘Maximize Conversions’ strategy, and ‘Target ROAS’ can be selected underneath the ‘Maximize Conversion Value’ strategy.

The announcement spurred some concern in the search community. Some comments on this Reddit post about the update, for example, indicate confusion.

Fortunately, Google has laid the rumours to rest. In an email conversation with Search Engine Journal, Google confirmed that the actual functions of these bidding strategies will not change or disappear. Instead, they will simply be reorganized for the sake of clarity for advertisers – in other words, advertisers can more easily identify which bidding strategy is right for them.

Google is expected to launch this update over the next few weeks or months, and they have indicated that they will notify advertisers before the change is made.

Google has also created a support page for more information about the update.

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