Google's New Feature Will Make Managing Brand Safety Easier For Advertisers Dynamic Exclusion Lists to be unrolled in forthcoming weeks

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Good news for advertisers: you will soon be able to manage exclusion lists more easily.

Google has announced that it will launch a new version of exclusion lists, the feature that allows users to block their advertisements from specific pages or domains.

The new feature, called dynamic exclusion lists, will allow advertisers to automate how their exclusion lists are managed. 

Exclusion lists are an increasingly popular feature. These lists give advertisers the opportunity to manage their brand’s reputation by blocking their advertisements from particular pages or domains. In many cases, users will block their ads from sites that post offensive content or do not align with their brand’s values.

Many advocacy groups release lists of websites for advertisers to add to their exclusion lists. However, advertisers have had to select these websites manually – until Google’s new feature is released. As brand accountability is becoming a hotter topic in the culture of digital advertising, many brands are more deeply considering where and how they want to run their ad campaigns.

Dynamic exclusion lists will allow users to automate their lists. Users will be able to schedule automatic changes and updates to their exclusion lists. It will also be possible to use aforementioned third-party lists without having to update them manually.

Google is expected to release new information about the feature soon. Dynamic exclusion lists are expected to launch in the next few weeks.

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