Google’s Changes the Rulebook on SEO Protocols

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For a long time professionals in the website marketing field could rely on the same suite of tactics and tricks to increase website viewership. Recently, Google rocked the website marketing community by rewriting the rulebook people who perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO) have to play by. This comes at a time when the Internet is larger than ever, and Google looks to ensure more of the content in their search results, marketing or otherwise, is quality content. Google’s stated in the past they’re moving away from using PageRank internally, and they’re starting to wean marketers and webmasters off PageRank entirely. PageRank, a way to measure the amount of quality design and popular content on a website, is thought of as an increasingly crude measurement. Google hasn’t updated PageRank since February of 2013, and Google engineers haven’t stated when the next updates will be out. Considering the scope of use this tool once enjoyed, it speaks to how the titan tactics of online marketing companies are disappearing. Additionally, the use of Google+ in SEO hits is expanding as Google tries to build momentum for its social network. After an early lull in usage, a push by Google has led to online marketing companies expanding the content they post on this medium. While the search algorithms used by Google to show Google+ results isn’t clear, it is clear that Google pushes Google+ posts higher in search rankings, giving them value as an SEO tool. Not only that, but authors on Google+ with more shares and “+1″s rank higher in the results, helping to ensure well-liked content is easier to find than lazier types of website marketing pages. Finally, Google’s continued success and reputation depends on being viewed as the authoritative source of information on the web; thus, there’s a mutualistic relationship with website marketing. No matter what past or future measurements become, its clear Google’s goal is to reward quality website marketing practices. Online marketing companies who can meet the need for quality content, instead of merely filling past page ranking indicators, are in a better position to continue finding their pages high on Google’s search results.

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