Google Shares New FAQs Page for Google News Visibility and More Five Questions Answered For Publishers

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In the wake of Google’s string of spring and summer updates – which, most recently, included the July core update – the company has offered some pointers to publishers who use Google Search and Google News.

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Google published a blog post on July 16 on Google Search Central, the company’s main blog for developers, publishers and SEOs. The blog post is titled, “Answers to some common questions about appearing in Google News,” and it tackles five questions about visibility and Google’s algorithms.

The answers provided could likely help web beginners, and although many expert publishers and SEOs may already know these answers, it wouldn’t hurt to be refreshed – especially upon so many changes to Google’s algorithms over the last few months.

Here’s what Google had to say.

More About Google News

First, the blog post explained where news appears on the site and its sister platforms. Google News, Google Search, Google Assistant, YouTube, and Discover, are among the most common places you can see published news – meaning there are plenty of opportunities for publishers to have their content viewed.

Google also explained that, by default, all news is eligible to appear on these platforms. To perform particularly well, publishers must prove their news demonstrates expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, among other criteria.

More About Visibility

Next, the blog post explained that performance reports on Search Console are the best way to see if news pieces are gaining traction. Finally, the blog post shared multiple ways to improve visibility, and what to do if no strategies seem to be working.

For more information, read Google’s News Initiative piece titled “How news works on Google.

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