Confirmed: Google Search Algorithm Update – March 2019

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Latest Broad Core Algorithm Update Taking Effect This Week

On March 13, Google confirmed that they were once again providing another broad core update to their search algorithm, and according to talk in the SEO community, this is shaping up to be the biggest update in a long time. The algorithm update started on March 12 and should continue for around a week. Last year, we discussed Google’s big Medic/E-A-T update, which addressed issues around site authority and trust. While it’s too early to say what, exactly, this latest update will focus on, it’s confirmation that big things are happening in the world of search. The SEO community are taking to calling this update “Florida 2.” Despite having no (apparent) relation to the effects of the Florida update from 2003 beyond scope, both these updates came in close proximity to Pubcon events—hence the community’s adoption of the name. You may also see this update referred to as the March 3/12 update.

What is a Broad Core Algorithm Update?

A broad core algorithm update is simply a change or modification to Google’s search algorithm. “Broad core” means the update isn’t targeting a specific niche or market and affects Google Search as a whole. Broad core updates are less frequent than other updates made to the search engine; Google has confirmed they frequently update and tweak search, sometimes multiple times a day. These updates are much smaller in scope, however, and minimally affect search results.

What to Do When Google Makes an Update

When Google makes an update to its search algorithm, the first thing any SEO or webmaster should do is wait and see what effects it will have on their site. It could be that an update will barely affect your site and pages. It could be that an update will cause your rankings to rise or fall. What’s important is to gather data and act accordingly. Under no circumstances should you make changes for the sake of making changes! If you’re concerned about your rankings following a Google algorithm update, please don’t hesitate to contact SEO TWIST. Our experts will help determine if and how you’ve been impacted and can make recommendations to ensure your site doesn’t lose valuable traffic and retains top-of-mind visibility.


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