Google Search Console Data Lost from April 9 to 25

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Google’s Month of Bad Luck Continues as Indexing Bugs Are Finally Fixed

Truly, April is the cruellest month—at least, it seems that way when it comes to Google’s recent challenges with indexing bugs. As we reported on April 26, Google shared that they’d been hit by yet another bug in their search engine—the third such issue that month alone. Thankfully, the issues have been resolved, but not without yet another “bad news” moment: Google Search Console had a 16-day data outage between April 9 and April 25. According to Google’s update on this outage, the missing data were replaced by data from April 26, which means that that data isn’t accurate. It’s an unfortunate development but a logical one, given the trouble the search engine’s had over the last few weeks. The April 26 bug alone could cause the search engine to select unrelated canonical URLs, causing issues with proper page indexing. As we wrote about then, this was just the third such incident in the month. The good news is that Google making this announcement means that they’ve solved the problem. As frustrating as it might be to lose 16 days’ worth of data and to struggle with page indexing, it’s at least a resolution. Still, this could pose problems for some webmasters and SEOs. The lack of useful data for most of April means that it might be hard to determine just how much the indexing bugs and issues affected your site. While Google likely automated the reindexing of pages that were accidentally dropped or lost, even a few days of deindexed pages could mean the difference between dominating local rankings and sliding off the radar for a bit. Organic search takes time to kick in, so to speak, so it’s always frustrating seeing those efforts undone by factors outside your control.

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