Google Responds To Rachel Maddow's Complaint About Unlabeled Ads Search Engine Suggests that Malware Could be the Source of Google Ad Confusion

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Have you ever seen Google ads that weren’t properly labelled as ads? MSNBC journalist Rachel Maddow recently did, and took to Twitter last week to call out Google for  allegedly attempting to hide its ads within regular search results.

Maddow claimed that when she performed a search in Google, search results would jump down the page when clicked on, triggering an unwanted ad that opened in a new window. 

After Maddow called out the search engine on Twitter, Google issued a response in the form of a short video, explaining that ads are always labeled as such, and how they appear in Search. 

Check out the video below:

Google’s public search liaison, Danny Sullivan, also posted about the video on Twitter, saying:

“Our new 2-minute video explains how ads are always labeled plus the basics of how they appear (and often don’t appear for most searches) in Google Search.”

Sullivan also suggested that Maddow’s experience could have been caused by Malware on her computer.

“We’ll probably look at doing a blog post or a fresh help page from this to better help people understand how to identify if there’s malware that might be impacting their results,” he said.

Maddow has yet to respond to Google’s explanation.

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