Google Releases New Best Practices For Promotions & Sales Google Offers Recommendations For Optimizing Deal Pages

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In a rare move from Google, the search engine has released a list of best practices for creating deal pages that will perform well in search.

Google is often vague when it comes to specific actions to take in order to optimize your website, especially when new algorithm updates are rolled out. So their recent blog article written by Alan Kent from the Google Search Relations team came as a welcome surprise. 

The advice that Kent offers may already be common knowledge for many SEOs, however, it’s still important to take note, as Google is only just now officially recommending certain best practices for businesses creating pages to promote sales and other promotions.

Google’s list of best practices is as follows: 

  • Create a dedicated page for every promotional event you are running, not just special events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  • Always include the event description in the page title.

  • Always include an image that is relevant to the sale or promotion to “help shoppers understand your offering.” The example Google offered was to show the products on sale or include a banner announcing the special offers or discounts. The aspect ratio of the image should be between 4:3 and 3:4.

  • Text that describes the event should be included in the page’s content so that Google can correctly identify the page as relevant to a specific sale.

  • Include general information about the event in advance so Google can determine if the page is relevant, and then ask Google to recrawl your page after it is updated. This best practice refers to deal pages where sales details are only posted on the day of the event, and nothing is announced ahead of time.

  • It’s a good idea to register your promotions in Google Merchant Center to help your deals appear across more surfaces on Google.

So, there you have it. Were you already implementing these best practices or is this all news to you? Either way, it’s great to see Google offering transparency when it comes to SEO best practices.

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