Google My Business Mobile App Gone For Good Stopped Functioning Forever

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Google My Business mobile app stopped working, Search Engine Land reports.  You can no longer manage your business profile, see insights or communicate with customers.

This was expected, though – ever since Google rebranded the whole thing to Google Business Profile. It was then that Google warned us they will be sunsetting the Google My Business App sometime in 2022.

Barry Schwartz, a respected member of the SEO community, shared a screenshot he took from his phone:

How To Manage Your Business Profile Now?

In the Google Maps app or Google search, Google says. They say you can manage your Business profile there, view your performance and communicate with customers. You can also receive notifications directly from Google Maps, so be sure to install it and sign in to your Business Profile.

Barry also shared a screenshot of the email he received from Google, about My Business App becoming history:

Anyways, we all knew this was coming and everyone should have become familiar with doing this the other way. Google My Business app is no more, and Google Maps or Google Search are the way of handling business as of now.

So much so, that Google Ads is testing the Google map pinning ads that have photos from a local business. The full article on that is here.

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Google is renaming Google My Business


Google Business Profile will be the new name of what we knew as Google My Business. The reason for this, according to Google, is to “keep things simple”. We will, however, need to wait for simplicity for a couple of months until Google My Business is out of business.

Google says that businesses with single listings should be using this new place while letting the bigger businesses deal with Google My Business  – which is also getting a makeover and is to be called “Business Profile Manager”.

For a while now, Google was letting business manage their individual listings in the actual search results or Google maps, but would now like businesses with single listings to use Search or Maps for their management, and not the Google my Business.

Why you might ask? Well, because the new and improved “Business Profile Manager” will be primarily supporting those businesses with multiple locations.

What’s new?

In the upcoming months, we will be introduced to new changes in the old Google My Business – hint: it’s not only getting a new name.

You will have the possibility to claim and verify your Google Business Profile directly in Google Search and Google Maps. Call History will now be available in US and Canada, and you will have the option of Messaging being done from Google search – along with controlling message receipts.

Google Ads will also let you plan your Local campaign budgets using Performance Planner with which you can see forecasts for your campaign, explore outcomes, manage budgets, and more.









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Google My Business Tests ‘Areas Served’ Section in Listings


Good news for local businesses looking to beef up their Google My Business listings – it appears that Google is testing out a new feature that will enable businesses to add the geographical areas they serve to their GMB profile. 

While Google has not yet formally announced the change, Search Engine Roundtable has reported that some eagle-eyed SEOs spotted the change when browsing Google My Business Listings and took to Twitter to discuss.

While not a huge change, this small piece of information will be particularly useful for businesses offering delivery services or other types of at-home services like plumbers or electricians. Plus, for consumers, having this kind of knowledge will likely help reinforce their decision to purchase or obtain services from a particular business. 

“It’s such a fundamental question: does that 24 hour plumber in the next town over serve mine?,” Miriam Ellis Tweeted in response to Ben Fisher’s original Tweet.

Check out the full discussion over on Twitter for more insight.

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