New Feature Lets Google My Business Users Highlight Reviews

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Google Posts to Let Business Owners to Show Off Positive Testimonials in GMB, Maps, and Search Results

If you needed any further indication that user reviews are important to Google, here it is: Google My Business is rolling out a new feature to help business owners highlight positive reviews and testimonials through Google Posts. When Google My Business (GMB) users sign into their account, they’ll receive automatic suggestions about positive reviews that might be good to share through Google Posts. In some cases, they might get suggestions through email notifications. Once up on Google Posts, these testimonials will be visible on the business’ GMB page and may also be shown in Google Maps listings. It’s also possible they’ll appear in some search results. Google Posts give business owners greater control over their GMB panel in search, letting them highlight upcoming events, features, and much more. Sharing testimonials is just the latest feature to hit. If you’re thinking about creating posts that highlight fantastic reviews from years ago, though, there are some limitations to this new feature. Only recent reviews between 4 and 5 stars are eligible for sharing, and only for 7 to 14 days at a time, depending on how you set up your post. What’s more, these posts can include CTAs, giving you a way to capitalize on the goodwill presented by your testimonials instantly. You can also include up to 10 images and videos to add more context to your posts. Google’s announcement states that this feature is rolling out in “some countries” but doesn’t specify where exactly. Expect to see this feature become more widely available in the coming weeks and months. With this new feature, it’s never been more important to monitor and track your reviews and reputation. Consider checking in once or twice a week to stay on top of user reviews and take advantage of what people are saying. Of course, when in doubt, SEO TWIST can always lend you a hand with managing user reviews!


Google My Business Tests ‘Areas Served’ Section in Listings


Good news for local businesses looking to beef up their Google My Business listings – it appears that Google is testing out a new feature that will enable businesses to add the geographical areas they serve to their GMB profile. 

While Google has not yet formally announced the change, Search Engine Roundtable has reported that some eagle-eyed SEOs spotted the change when browsing Google My Business Listings and took to Twitter to discuss.

While not a huge change, this small piece of information will be particularly useful for businesses offering delivery services or other types of at-home services like plumbers or electricians. Plus, for consumers, having this kind of knowledge will likely help reinforce their decision to purchase or obtain services from a particular business. 

“It’s such a fundamental question: does that 24 hour plumber in the next town over serve mine?,” Miriam Ellis Tweeted in response to Ben Fisher’s original Tweet.

Check out the full discussion over on Twitter for more insight.

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