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For any site owner who cares about their site’s performance, data collection is a must. Google’s latest tool allows site owners to collect data about content performance – a promising feature for those who care about SEO.

Google launched Search Console Insights this week. The feature exists in Google Search Console, the search engine’s hub for measuring search traffic and performance. Google describes the new Insights feature as an “experience” that “joins data from both Search Console and Google Analytics with a goal of making it easy to understand your content’s performance.”

The feature was launched in beta testing in August 2020, but was only available to a small audience via invite. This week, Google is rolling out the feature to all Search Console users.

What It Does and How It Works

Search Console Insights is particularly beneficial to content creators and publishers. Its goal, Google says, is to help these people understand what content attracts audiences and how they find it.

Search Console Insights can help users identify:

  • What pieces of content perform well

  • How new pieces of content perform

  • How web users find their content

  • What search queries lead to the discovery of their content

  • Which articles on the web link to their content or site

You can access Search Console Insights in a few places – either through Search Console’s ‘Overview’ page, or at this link.

As the feature is still in testing, Google is accepting feedback about the feature. You can leave feedback at the bottom of the Search Console Insights page.

This feature comes at a pivotal time for Google and SEOs – this week, Google launched its long-awaited Page Experience Update, which will continue its rollout over the next ten weeks. Earlier this month, Google brought forth a core update, which rolled out over a ten-day period.

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It is unclear whether Google chose to launch Search Console Insights to coincide with these launches. Perhaps Google wanted to help site owners who feared their content would perform poorly following the other updates – though Google has not suggested this themselves.

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