Google is More Critical When Ranking Medical Equipment Ecommerce Stores Medical Sites Should Focus on High Quality Content From Experts, Says Mueller

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Is your medical equipment ecommerce store struggling with rankings? According to Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller, this is probably because Google judges your site more critically than sites from other industries.

In a recent Webmaster hangout, Mueller explained that when it comes to determining rankings, Google places a higher level of scrutiny on any website that contains medical information.

So, how can medical sites overcome this and improve their rankings? Mueller recommends focusing on a set of criteria abbreviated as ‘EAT’:

  • Expertise. Google refers to expertise as the main content creator, and will look at whether they are an expert on the topic at hand and if they have the proper credentials to back up their statements.

  • Authoritativeness. This refers to the main content creator, the content itself, and the website where it is published. Google will look at whether you are well-known, are considered a leader in a certain industry, and have strong authority.

  • Trustworthiness. This also refers to the content creator, the content, and the website. When evaluating trustworthiness, Google looks at whether you are an expert that people can trust to provide honest, factual information.

In the context of medical sites, Mueller recommends following the EAT guidelines and producing high quality content produced by actual medical professionals.

Here is Mueller’s full explanation on the matter:

“Make sure that the site that you’re providing represents like a really high standard and that the content is of really high quality that it’s put together by really people who understand what they’re doing. That it’s not something kind of like run out of a garage kind of a site. And that’s something that I think, especially for for the medical area, is super critical. We have a blog post that goes into some of that specific for the core algorithm updates that we did, I think, last year at some point. Where it goes through a bunch of questions that you can ask yourself and it also links to the raters’ guidelines that talk a little bit about the these kind of sites.

So we call them YMYL – ‘your money your life’ sites – and I would see kind of a medical e-commerce site kind of falling into that category as well. And there are various things that you can think about there. And I don’t think there’s like one simple trick to make it look official you really have to make sure that you actually do have kind of that official touch.”

So, the takeaway here is to watch what you EAT, and focus on producing high quality, factual content from experts in your field.

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