Google Introduces Free Anti-Scraper Tool

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reCAPTCHA Enterprise Designed to Stop Hackers and Software-Based Attacks

On April 10, 2019, Google announced they were introducing a variety of tools to support Google Cloud security. One of these tools, an enterprise anti-bot solution called reCAPTCHA Enterprise, recently entered a free beta trial period. reCAPTCHA Enterprise is designed to help stop scrapers, hackers, bots, and software-based attacks on enterprise websites and mobile apps. It can also be used to provide different levels of challenges to determine if a visitor is a bot or an actual human user. Basically, this tool is a souped-up take on existing reCAPTCHA tools, giving users additional flexibility and security. This tool also has a few added benefits for SEOs and webmasters looking to keep sites running smoothly while ensuring they’re indexed properly.

Protection from Bots, Server Slowdown from Scrapers

Scrapers are a nuisance on the web, not just for webmasters having to deal with server load, but also for SEOs trying to maintain unique, original content. Scrapers are automated bots that download a website’s content; at best, these bots are used by people looking to repurpose existing content, and at worst, they’re used to simply plagiarise wholesale. While the impact of plagiarized content popping up on a spam website or is debatable, it’s still frustrating to see your own content used elsewhere without permission. A far greater issue is server slowdown caused by aggressive bots. Server slowdown could make it harder to serve content to Google’s own bots who are trying to index your site. There are any number of reasons why bots might target your site—reCAPTCHA Enterprise is designed to combat them.

How Can You Get Started with reCAPTCHA?

There aren’t many requirements listed on the beta sign-up page for this new tool beyond an email address. Google’s also asking for a Cloud Project Number on the sign-up form, but it looks like this could be a very straightforward beta to get involved with. And while Google’s describing it as an enterprise-level tool, there are clear benefits for sites and pages of all sizes. It remains to be seen how widely available this tool will be.


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