Google Gives Paid and Organic Search Results a Makeover

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Look and Feel of Mobile Search Results Coming to Desktop

A new year and new decade means a brand new look for Google. Ok, maybe not a complete image overhaul, but search results have gotten a bit of a makeover. And no, we’re not talking about a new wardrobe or haircut here. These differences are much more subtle. As announced by Google on Twitter this week, Google has begun rolling out a new, updated look for paid and organic desktop search results to bring them more inline with the appearance of mobile search results.

So what exactly are these changes? Let’s take a closer look.

Changes to Paid Search Results

One of the most significant changes is to the paid search results, as Google has chosen to swap the previous “Ad” label for a more prominent, bolded one in black text. Previously, the “Ad” label would appear as a green text surrounded by a rounded box. Google has also shifted the URL, placing it above the headline text and styling it in black.  While this may seem pretty subtle, the change is a big one, as it means that now, paid results are more similar in appearance to organic results.  Here’s a before and after to give you a better idea of the significance of this change. Before: Google search results for online programming courses Source: Search Engine Journal After:  Google search results for online programming courses Source: Google

What About Organic Results?

Just like what was done with paid search, organic results have also had their URLs moved up and are now being displayed above the page name, with the font colour changed from green to black.  Another big change is the addition of favicons next to URLs. Google has indicated that going forward, site owners will be able to choose a preferred icon they would like to appear next to their search listings. The overall goal of this new look for paid and organic results, Google says, is to put “a site’s brand front & center, helping searchers better understand where information is coming from, more easily scan results & decide what to explore.” If you’re scratching your head thinking you’ve already seen these changes before, it’s because you have. These changes already made their way over to mobile search results last year and are just now being rolled out for desktop this week.

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