Google Gets Rid of Q&A Search Feature Google Question Hub Will Still Exist

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It’s official – Google is scrapping the Q&A search feature by June 30, according to Search Engine Land.

This will not impact the Google Question Hub feature but will affect users’ ability to add their own answers in Google Search to user-submitted questions.

This means that while the Google Question Hub is here to stay, users in Google search cannot contribute answers.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Google Question Hub is a portal that enables publishers to see questions that have been submitted by searchers.

The news was confirmed by Search Engine Land after being sent a screenshot from a user who had received a notice from Google indicating the impending change.

Google confirmed that it had notified users who submitted answers, so they had time to download their contributions via Google Takeout.

While the Q&A feature was initially only available in India for a select set of topics, it was incredibly popular amongst Google Search.

This feature evolved into what we now know as the Question Hub, which has become a valuable resource for publishers looking for content ideas since it was made available to US publishers in 2021.

Fortunately, though, Google is always testing and launching new features. And since the Google Question Hub isn’t going anywhere, Google will most likely replace the Q&A functionality eventually. 

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