Google December 2021 Product Reviews Update Finishes Rolling Out Here's What To Do If You're Affected

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Google has confirmed that the December 2021 product reviews update is now finished rolling out. It took around 20 days for the update to be fully rolled out, and it was way bigger than the one in April. Its impact was more noticeable – there was a lot of chatter in the SEO community about sudden low rankings. As we mentioned before, Google wants your content to improve, be detailed and trustworthy in order to be more appealing to the consumers.

Why is this important?

If you offer product reviews on your website and want to keep your rankings, it’s a good idea to:

  • Check your rankings and make sure you’re going in the right direction
  • Apply Google’s guidelines for product reviews content.

You’ll want your product reviews content to be different from the rest – authentic and full of evidence. This means including visuals, audio or other links, plus your experience with the product!

You felt the impact – now what?

According to this source, this update might affect your performance in Google Discover traffic. It might also affect your rankings, especially if you haven’t gotten your content “in order” before the update. So, the biggest thing you can do is to improve your content and follow all of Google’s guidelines.

Keep your audience in mind and give them authenticity and originality when reviewing products.

Since this update is promoting content that is more than just templated information, Google will reward a specific type of content in search results rankings.

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