Google Clarifies that Title Changes Will Not Affect Rankings Google Generated SERP Titles Are For Display Purposes Only

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Wondering if Google’s recent title/header change had any impact on rankings? The answer is a resounding no, according to the search engine. 

The change, which was made on August 17th, impacted the titles that appear in search results and saw Google re-write existing titles created by site owners. 

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While it would appear the purpose of the change would be to affect rankings, Google’s John Mueller confirmed that, no, this is simply a display change that will not have an impact on rankings.

This was previously confirmed by Danny Sullivan on August 26th, but his comments were less clear than Mueller’s. 


The takeaway here is that when it comes to determining rankings, Google uses the content you create, not the title it generated for you. The title that appears in search results is for display purposes only.  We’re glad to have this one cleared up!

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Google Page Experience Update Completes 7-Week Rollout


Celebrations are in order! After seven long weeks of rolling out, the long-awaited Google Page Experience is now finally live.

The update is currently fully live in Google Search and Top Stories and will go live in the Google News App in one week.

Google announced the news yesterday on Twitter, stating:

“The page experience rollout is complete now, including updates to Top Stories mobile carousel. Changes to Google News app have started to rollout as well and will be complete in a week or so.”

The news comes slightly later than expected, as Google Public Search Liason, Danny Sullivan, had previously commented on Twitter that we could expect the update to finish rolling out at the end of August.

For those whose memory needs a refresher,

the Google page experience update has been a long time coming. It was first announced in May 2020, with Google stating that rollout would begin by May 2021, but it ended up being delayed.

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It finally began rolling out on July 15, with the expectation that the process would take around 2.5 months.

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The main purpose of the update was to implement ‘Core Web Vitals’ in search rankings. This includes:

  • Page Speed

  • Mobile-friendliness, Safe Browsing

  • Https

  • Intrusive Interstitials

  • Layout Shifts

Fortunately, it does not appear that this has dramatically affected rankings. However, yesterday, we reported that ranking fluctuations experienced this week could be caused by a new algorithm update. It’s now possible that those changes could be related to the Page Experience Update.

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Potential Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update Rolled Out September 1


Here we go again! Based on chatter within the SEO community and signs of fluctuation on tracking tools, it appears that we may be in the midst of another Google algorithm update that began on September 1.

Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Roundtable reported that, based on his observations, an update likely “touched down for a short period of time and then slowed down.”

“There are not a huge number of complaints, but the tools are picking up on the fluctuations in the Google search results,” wrote Schwartz.

As of right now, it is not known what this update may be targeting, as Google typically remains tight-lipped when it comes to smaller algorithm updates. And, as usual, Google has not yet issued a confirmation that an update is rolling out.

Here are some comments that discuss the update that were recently posted to forums on WebmasterWorld and Black Hat World.

“Yes, the traffic has been very unstable and poor quality. Huge drop in my home page and some landing pages since the weekend, USA traffic down 30% today at 11:30am. It usually ticks up by end of day somewhat, with an odd burst at 10pm and later…all insane manipulated traffic patterns. Meanwhile, plenty of traffic from countries I don’t serve. I had an inquiry for shipping to Kenya this morning but almost nothing from the USA for weeks.”

“On my side, since yesterday everything has been going very badly. Drop followed by drops…”

“Indexing slower than usual for anyone else?”

“I had drop (about %30)… now writing Im adding quality articles and guest posts to recover…”

Schwartz also posted screen grabs that show some changes taking place on September 1.

Mozcast report Sept 1

SERP Metrics report Sept 1

SEM Rush report Sept 1

That’s all we know right now, but we’ll keep you posted should there be any big updates. What are your thoughts on this? Have you noticed any big ranking changes this week?

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