Google Announces New Ad Formats, Shopping Revamps

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News Out of Google Marketing Live Event Cover Plenty of Ground for 2019

Google’s big Marketing Live event took place on May 14, 2019 and brought with it a ton of new info about products and services they’re introducing this year. Major announcements focused on new ad formats (3 of them, to be exact) and a revamp and redesign for Google Shopping, the company’s Amazon competitor.

New Ad Formats: Discovery Ads, Gallery Ads, and Showcase Shopping Ads

Discovery Ads

Google’s 3 new ad formats include Discovery Ads, which are native ads designed to appear in Google feeds. According to Google’s VP of Product Management, Brad Bender, these ads are visually rich and use the “power of intent” based on past site visits, app downloads, videos watched, and map searches. Discovery ads won’t roll out until later this year, but once they do, they’re expected to reach 800 million users globally. Discovery ads make use of machine learning; to get started with them, users will need specific ad copy and creative assets that Google will then optimize for you. Completed ads will pop up on mobile feeds, as well as YouTube and Gmail’s social and promotions tabs.

Gallery Ads

Gallery ads are designed to appear at the top of mobile search results, giving users a scrollable gallery of images that click through to a landing page or a product page. Advertisers will pay for gallery ads on a CPC basis when a user actually clicks or swipes—the cost for a click or a swipe is the same. According to Google, these ads had 25% more interactions than other search ad units while in testing.

Showcase Shopping Ads

First introduced in 2016, showcase shopping ads, once limited to Google Search, are rolling out to Google Images, the Discover Feed, and YouTube feeds. If you’ve ever searched for a generic product on Google, you’ve probably seen these ads at the top of your search results. Now, you’ll see them in more locations.

Google Shopping Redesign

Google Shopping, introduced back in March, has been revamped and redesigned. This Google-style take on online shopping has folded in what they describe as the “best of Google Express” for a more standardized customer experience. Google Shopping’s redesign aims to be more personalized, letting users buy on merchant sites, in local shops, or directly on Google. Merchants already involved in Shopping Actions can opt-in to the new Google Shopping experience. These improvements might seem small, but it seems as though Google wants to compete more effectively with Amazon. Bringing greater consistency to Google Shopping will help streamline what could often be a scattered experience.


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