Google Announces New Ad Features For Apps June Update Will Include New Features For Android App Advertisers

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Google has announced a series of new advertising features for app businesses. Among them are one that allows Android apps to advertise on desktop SERPs and one that makes deep linking easier, among others. The announcements were made in a post on Google’s Ads & Commerce Blog.

Read below to learn more about these new features.

Android Ads are Coming to Desktop

One of Google’s new updates will make advertising easier for Android apps to gain traction. Previously, ad campaigns for Android apps could not run on the desktop version of Google or its adjacent products like YouTube and Google Play. In other words, Android app ads were only visible on mobile screens.

Google’s announcement, however, states that Android app advertisers will be able to put their campaigns on the desktop version of Google’s sites.

Advertisers won’t have to do anything to make this happen. When the update is implemented, ads will automatically transfer to desktop screens.

Google Analytics for Firebase SDK

Ad campaigns often rely on performance analysis to measure their success. In order to track many important metrics, advertisers would previously have to rely on third-party sources and pieces of code, plus an update – all of which could complicate things.

With Google’s new update, users will be able to perform event creation and modification within Google Analytics – no coding required.

This means that advertisers will not have to rely on third-party sources to analyze their campaigns.

The feature is called Google Analytics for Firebase SDK – and Google has provided more information in their I/O technical session.

Deep Linking is Easier Than Ever

One of the most important features for ad developers is ‘deep linking.’ The term refers to the act of implementing hyperlinks that link directly to an app rather than to its store page or website. This skips a step for the user, saving time and clicks to improve the user experience.

Google’s post includes an announcement of a new tool called the ‘deep link validator.’ It helps Android app advertisers validate deep links. They can access a detailed report of all instances of deep linking to ensure that each one actually works, or if any need to be fixed.

These three features, along with a few other minor updates, are expected to launch in June.

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