Google Announces Ads Creative Studio Creativity Hub Promises To Make Collaboration Easier

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Digital marketers know the importance of collaborating efficiently on creative projects. Google’s latest announcements aims to help make collaboration easier.

The search engine company announced a new portal called ‘Ads Creative Studio.’ In a blog post written by Ali Miller, Director of Product Management, the portal is described as a “unified home for Google’s creative advertising tools” to “help you build compelling experiences for video, display and audio ads.”

Specifically, Ads Creative Studio puts multiple creative tools in one place. Some of these tools previously existed across Google’s many platforms, but they have never been accessible all from one place until now.

Some of these features include:

  • Director Mix: this tool allows creators to choose specific elements of an ad and customize them for different audiences

  • Dynamic Display and HTML5: these tools allow creators to make customized and interactive materials for other Google tools, like Campaign Manager 360

  • Audio Mixer: this tool allows creators to build audio advertisements

Additionally, Ads Creative Studio features a new project library that makes it easy for large teams to share creative materials – even while they’re being created or edited.’

“Captivating creatives remind us that great advertising is an art form and a competitive advantage for brands,” wrote Miller. “Technology is fundamental to the creative process, but designers, agencies, brands and media planners are looking for better ways to work together to create beautiful ads and effective campaigns.”

Miller then quoted Mitchell Pok, an early tester of Ads Creative Studio, who also acts as Director of Creative Services & Technology at MightyHive. Pok said:

“The initial experience with Ads Creative Studio has been really promising; the potential for the platform to make creative production across teams and formats seamless and efficient is a game changer.”

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