Google Allows Site Owners to Temporarily Remove Pages from Search Results

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New Removals Report Arrives in Google Search Console

Just like your favourite bar that hasn’t yet been discovered by the masses and become unbearably popular, some things are best kept hidden. And according to Google, this now includes web pages. As announced in a recent article posted to Google’s Webmaster Central Blog, the search engine is making it possible to temporarily remove website pages from Google search results. Site owners will be able to do this using the latest version of the Removals report in Google Search Console. This tool will also provide information about any pages that have been already removed or filtered from the adult SafeSearch function following third-party requests. https://twitter.com/googlewmc/status/1222146348780281856

So, How Does it Work?

This new report will include three main sections, which can be found within Google Search Console, under the “Index” menu, labeled as “Removals.”

Temporary Removals

Temporary removals will allow you to request the removal of specific content on your website from Google search results. This functionality will be very useful for site owners that need a certain URL removed quickly from search. Google search console removal request Source: Google There are two removal options available. You can either request that Google temporarily remove the URL of that page from Google Search results for six months and clear the cached copy of the page. Or, you can also request a ‘Clear cache URL’ which will remove the page description snippet in Search results until the page is crawled again.

Outdated Content

The Outdated Content section provides you with access to information regarding any removal requests made against your site using the Remove Outdated Content tool. The Remove Outdated Content tool can be used by anyone, not just site owners, to request that search results be updated to clear out any results showing information that no longer exists on a page.

SafeSearch Filtering

Similar to the Outdated Content section, the new SafeSearch filtering section in Google Search Console will list any pages on your site that were reported by Google users as ‘adult content’ using the SafeSearch Suggestion tool. Google reviews all URLs reported using this tool and will flag them as adult content if it decides that the content is too ‘mature’ or explicit to be included in SafeSearch results.

Why This Matters

This new removal tool is bound to become incredibly beneficial to site owners, webmasters, and even SEOs, as it not only gives you the control to quickly and easily remove content you don’t want to appear in Google Search results, but also learn more about why other content was removed due to third-party requests. Having this kind of knowledge and power enables you to take action and unblock content removal requests you made yourself along with third-party requests. Happy hiding! via GIPHY

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