Google AI to Compete in Bakeoff Against Pro-Baker A Reality TV Baking Star Is Competing Against AI Generated Cake Recipe

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Cloud AI has been one of Google’s most exciting projects in recent years. The platform includes services that allow users to build, deploy and manage machine learning models. These are kept digitally in the cloud.

Users have been able to find interesting uses for Cloud AI, but one developer’s idea really takes the cake.

Sara Robinson, Developer Advocate for Google Cloud, has used machine learning to bake desserts – and she’s using her programming skills to take on a professional baker in a duel.

Robinson, an amateur baker, will duel against pro baker Peter Sawkins in a recipe contest for Maltesers ‘Bake Against the Machine promotion. Sawkins won the reality TV competition The Great British Bake Off in 2020.

Specifically, the two bakers have created their own recipes for malt chocolate cakes. Sawkins created his recipe using his own baking knowledge, while Robinson used Google Cloud AI to produce her recipe.

Both recipes are available online, and the two bakers are encouraging curious minds to try both to answer the ultimate question: can AI bake as well as a professional human baker?

Robinson has been using machine learning to practice baking for a while. In an April 2020 blog post, she revealed that she became obsessed with baking, like many others at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, but decided to take her obsession one step further. In the blog post, she outlined the steps she took as part of a creative experiment: baking her first AI cake.

We’re excited to see what other creative uses for Cloud AI developers will come up with, and whether Google will come out on top in this unconventional bake-off.

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