Google AdWords API Gone By Tomorrow To Be Fully Replaced By Google Ads API

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Starting tomorrow, April 27, 2022, Google AdWords API will be officially gone. It has been a year since Google had warned us about this happening and the day is finally here – Google AdWords will stop being fully supported. Instead, we will have to use Google Ads API which is now up to version 10.

Google Ads API is basically the next generation of AdWords, a modern interface that should help make your campaign management more efficient and increase your overall productivity. It lets developers interact directly with the Google Ads platform, making it easier to manage large or complex Google Ads campaigns and accounts.

So, this should be your final notice for making the full switch to Google Ads, if you hadn’t done that by now. If you don’t, you can expect AdWords not to be supported tomorrow. Google also warned developers that they will see AdWords API requests fail at a rate of ~25% until May. You can resubmit failed requests but you should really upgrade instead.

If you need help with migration, check out this resource.


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Google Releases 2023 Ads API Schedule


Heads Up! Google announced the tentative 2023 release schedule for Google Ads API. This announcement comes equipped with a list of launch and sunset dates but as always they are subject to change.

The last update Google Ads API received was around the first week of June 2022. At that time Google had announced that Google Ads API V11 was complete and ready to use.

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Before that, Version 10.1 and Version 10.0 were release in early 2022, just months apart.

What’s New?

Though Google hasn’t said much in terms of specifics, based on the last update, this round of releases should be on par. Here is Google’s current posted schedule, outlining versions, what release, and projected launch and sunset dates.

But again, keep in mind that Google likes to keep things tentative, so don’t be surprised if these dates change.

Best Practices for Google Ads API

A trend thats been pretty consistent with Google’s updates is the levels of impact that users notice. Since we can be expecting a Google Ads API update by January 2023, preparing for errors and debugging is a great option before an update.

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Considering that, below you will find Google Ads Developers’ recent Best Practices Guide for handling errors and bugs.

If you want to learn more, Google Ads Developers YouTube Channel also has a Best Practices for Google Ads API.

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Google Ads API Version Is Available


Google has released a new version of its Google Ads API (application programming interface) – the v10. Using APIs, developers can create and use applications that interact directly with account information on the Google Ads server. APIs like these let advertisers manage large Google Ads accounts and campaigns efficiently.

The new version, which is set to see the light of day on April 27, comes with a bunch of new stuff developers can work with. Smart campaigns, Performance max campaign upgrades, Local service ads changes, Audience resource, and more:

What’s New?

These are some of the novelties that came with version 10:

  1. All Get methods are removed
  2. New Meta parameter
  3. Smart Campaigns are now generally available
  4. Support for Local Service Ads are added
  5. New Status field on Customer and Customer Client resources


  • To be able to use the new features, you must upgrade your client library and client code.
  • Also, if you’re still using AdWords, you must migrate to the Google Ads API by April 27 since AdWords is retiring!
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Why Is This Important?

Advertisers can use the API to pass account data to other applications they use. It also assists them in managing larger accounts and campaigns. API users will have more flexibility with the tool since it now supports more of Google Ads’ latest products.

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