Google Advertising & Mobile Optimization: A Christmas Story

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Google advertising Christmas

or, How a Strategic Ad Campaign and a Mobile-Optimized Website Saved Christmas

Google advertising Christmas
How things used to be

It’s the holiday season, and the big-name retailers are all decking their halls to get people’s business. How do you compete with that? You can start by optimizing your website for mobile use and advertising on Google. By gearing your online marketing strategy towards today’s mobile-loving and tech-savvy shoppers, you can cultivate a better revenue stream. Since more and more shoppers now prefer the convenience of shopping online—especially from a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet—to marathon shopping sessions in malls and stores, a good strategy can turn every moment into the perfect opportunity for a conversion.

Despite this, many businesses still aren’t taking full advantage of these online strategies during the biggest retail season. Here’s why a smart digital marketing strategy should be the top of your Christmas wish list:

Google Advertising Campaigns

The Sears Catalogue has effectively been replaced by search queries. People are Googling their gift ideas to determine cost, benefits, and availability. They’re comparison-shopping between traditional stores, online retailers, and “click-and-mortar” hybrids to find the best deal. And advertising through Google AdWords is the best way to put your brand front and center during this process.

You can gain the attention of shoppers from Cyber Monday straight through to the day itself (hey, some people will shell out for same-day shipping, or will be having Christmas late for a number of reasons) by performing first position bid estimates. Using a mobile bid adjustment simulator, you can maximize the quality score of your keywords and the impressions they’ll make, bringing increased ad visibility to your brand. You can also estimate the potential changes in impressions and clicks that would result from changing your bid, allowing you to make more informed decisions. It can also show you how your ads will perform across different devices, which will come in handy when optimizing for mobile—but more on that later.

With a targeted Google advertising campaign, you can go where your customers are, and put your brand, your products, and your prices in clear view. You’ll be in prime position to catch the eyes of the 54% of shoppers who plan to use their smartphones to shop this Christmas.

Mobile Optimization

Google advertising Christmas
How things are becoming

The plain and simple truth is that mobile-optimized websites—those which are designed so that they can easily be viewed and navigated from any size of device—perform better. They get higher rankings on Google (especially in mobile searches because, well, duh) and they tend to have much lower bounce rates. And considering the number of smartphones shoppers has increased by 64% since 2014—and that 30% of all online transactions being performed are on phones—you’re missing out if you haven’t optimized for mobile.

By incorporating scalable elements through responsive or adaptive web design, you can optimize your website for mobile shoppers and ensure that you are ready to receive mobile traffic. Mobile sites should also have fewer graphics, focus on and highlight key, pertinent information, have large, easy-to-use navigation buttons (perhaps in the ubiquitous hamburger button—yes, it’s really called that), and include a click-to-call number for inquiries and concerns. On the technical side, this is complemented by minimal coding, restricting plug-ins to only those that work across different devices, reducing redirects, leveraging browser caching, and other techniques that reduce load times. Mobile optimization will also reduce your bounce rate, since fewer customers are navigating away in frustration, and improve your mobile conversions.

Putting It into Play

Now that you know the basics, it’s all a matter of execution. If you’re currently running a Google advertising campaign but aren’t getting the desired results, try adjusting your ad copy, re-evaluating your keywords, and adjusting your bids. By leveraging the right strategies through the right channels and having a mobile-optimized website that’s ready to convert, you can improve your performance this holiday season.

If growing your business in 2016 is on your Christmas wish list, get in touch with the digital marketing experts at SEO TWIST for a truly happy new year!

Oh, and, Merry Christmas! (via Giphy)

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