Google Ads To Get Rid Of Support For Expanded Text Ads For Responsive Search Ads The Change Will Rollout in 2022

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Starting in June 2022, Google ads will be removing support for expanded text ads for responsive search ads. The news was announced yesterday in a blog article written by Sylvanus Bent, Product Manager for Google Ads.

What this change means is that advertisers can no longer create new ETAs or edit existing ETAs in Google Ads starting next year.

 Going forward, responsive search ads will be the only Search ad type that can be created or edited in standard Google Search campaigns. The existing expanded text ads will remain in place until June.

However, existing expanded text ads will continue to serve with your responsive search ads. You will still be able to see their performance reports.

“Additionally, you’ll be able to pause and resume your expanded text ads or remove them if needed. You’ll also still be able to create and edit call ads and Dynamic Search Ads,” said Bent. 

Once the change comes into force, different combinations will be tested so that Google’s responsive search ads can learn which ad headlines and descriptions will perform the best.

So, why the not so sudden change? Here’s Google’s explanation:

“This change will help simplify the way you create Search ads and make it easier for you to drive performance with our automated tools,” said Google. “Responsive search ads help you compete in a wider variety of relevant auctions by delivering ads that adapt to show the right message for the right query. This means that you can drive incremental conversions and create fewer ads—all while spending more time on strategic initiatives for your business.”


Google added that “advertisers that switch from expanded text ads to responsive search ads, using the same assets, see an average of 7% more conversions at a similar cost per conversion.”

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