Google Ads Rolling Out An Experiments Page Changes Are Automatically Synced

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Google Ads is coming in strong with an updated Experiments page. Now, you no longer have to create a separate campaign draft. Plus, the changes made to the original campaign will be automatically synced to the experiment.

Also, the performance can be monitored from the Experiments page and changes can be applied to the original campaign without any fuss – no copying and pasting anymore.

Before, when you wanted to run an experiment, you would have to create a campaign draft first and then test it separately in an experiment. Now, you select a campaign and create a custom experiment for it in just one step. While setting up the experiment, you can determine how much of the original campaign’s budget and traffic you want to use and for how long the experiment to last.

This option makes the workflow much more effective and saves time.

Automatic Sync

You can test changes to your Search and Display campaigns using custom experiments, which help you measure your results and understand the impact the changes would make before even applying them to a campaign. With Experiment sync, any optimizations you make while your experiment runs will automatically be applied to your trial campaigns.

Screenshot of turning on experiment sync in Google Ads Help

How To Turn It On

  • Follow the instructions to set up a custom experiment.
  • In the “Advanced options”, open the “Experiment sync” section. It will be set to On by default.
  • Click Create experiment. Your trial is completed and ready to run
Things to Keep in Mind
  • Synchronization is turned on by default when you create a new experiment, but it cannot be turned on for trials that you already have going or are scheduled.
  • It might require up to 10 minutes after the trial has started to implement the change
  •  If you have more than one trial scheduled to run, it will update all trials and make sure they’re aligned with the main campaign.
  • Once your trial starts, Experiment sync will report all changes in the change history


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