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Intercept-Group_Digital-Marketing-1024x511 In October 2011, it was estimated that there were nearly 9 billion mobile devices connected globally and by the year 2020, that number would nearly triple to 24 billion. Just look at the explosive hype surrounding the new iPhone 6, that’s just one example of how smartphones and mobile devices have taken over as the preferred media that people choose to communicate and access the internet with. Online marketing in Ottawa continues to be of paramount importance to contribute to a business’ success. Since the web has evolved to become more about social media,  it’s no longer enough for a business to send out press releases and use traditional forms of advertising.  There are a few ways that online marketing and working with an Ottawa SEO company can  help build a social relationship with your customers and better your business as a whole . Become Clickable If you’re a business and you do not have an online presence, you’re basically invisible to thousands of potential customers. The biggest success in online marketing in Ottawa is to be present and visible to everyone from anywhere. If someone is looking for a service that you offer, they should be able to search your business’ name or related keywords and be able to find you through their home computer, smart phones and tablets.  However, sometimes this isn’t always easy to do on your own. Working with an Ottawa SEO service can help you get to the top of search results and get noticed much quicker. Creative Content Once you’re connected online through a website, the next step in successful online marketing in Ottawa is to have content on your website that is creative and valuable and meaningful to the customer.. An Ottawa SEO company can provide you with blog content that is search engine optimized so that when someone is searching for services you offer, not only will your website pop up, the blog posts and information on your website will too. The  more compelling and creative your content is, the more likely a reader is to share it with others. Start A Conversation In addition to a great website that is compatible with different devices and creative content, it is important to be actively involved in social media.  People are plugged in 24/7  through social media whether it be on their smartphones, tablets or computers. Customers can share their opinions and reviews with others through different outlets which makes it easier for a business to form a more personal relationship with them. With the help of an Ottawa SEO company, you can create a voice for your company that resonates with your audience and receive their valuable feedback and support. With billions of people connected in an endless number  of different ways, online marketing in Ottawa has the potential to take your business to new heights that were never possible before. In a few steps, an SEO team can help your business grow and strive in today’s online world.

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