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How Design, Code, and Content Work Together to Create Stunning Tailor-Made Solutions

There’s a joy in creating something special, especially if you’re creating something you know others are going to enjoy. As a digital marketing agency, we know the value of creating something tailor-made to a client’s needs and desires, top to bottom. But it’s another thing entirely to create something truly beautiful that a client will enjoy for years to come. No, we’re not talking about our websites. Earlier this year, Edgewater Pools approached us for a complete website build, top to bottom. They wanted something that reflected their passion, their expertise, and that highlighted the beautiful work they did. As designers and builders of totally customized pools and spas, they also wanted to put passion and professionalism on display. They wanted to highlight their top-to-bottom approach. And that’s exactly what SEO TWIST did.

Appealing to an Audience

One of the things glossed over in marketing and design is that we’re never really working for the client. Marketers work for the client’s clients, their customers and audience. Everything is done to draw the audience in and create a conversion—getting them to click, sign up, or get a quote, depending on the context of the site. With that in mind, finding a way to highlight an organization’s unique identity and appealing to that target market can sometimes be a challenge. Visual design supports branding efforts and enhances marketing efforts, after all. Working with Edgewater Pools, it was clear that they understood how they wanted to present themselves to potential customers. The focus would be high-end finished products that highlighted stunning designs and beautiful materials. We also wanted to shine a spotlight on the experience the team had under their belts, a combined 45 years of expertise in pool design and installation. Our talented designers got to work establishing a visual identity that would echo this expertise and emphasize cutting edge high-end aesthetics. At the same time, our SEO experts began investigating search terms and keywords that would help the website rank and allow Edgewater Pools to specifically target their market.

Finding Effective Messages for Customers

Part of the challenge of creating a website is developing effective messages that catch the user’s attention. While keyword optimization increases the likelihood users will find a page, without engaging content, they won’t stick around. While the visual component of the site was strong, it needed that extra push of content to add value for potential clients and customers. Written website content, then, was a key focus for Edgewater Pools. Part of the content writing process involves looking at the target market and audience. It examines what those people are looking for. Who is searching for a custom spa and pool? What are they like? What are they looking for? These questions inform buyer personas, characters of sorts that represent an ideal customer. By fleshing out what this character’s wants and needs, writers and marketers can create compelling messages that push conversions. Our analysis and subsequent creative process focused on selling points and the experience the customer would have. We settled on a few key phrases to get the reader’s mind working, such as “backyard oasis”. This gives the audience an instant idea of the sort of work Edgewater Pools does, and also gets them thinking about their desires and what they’re looking for.

Full-Service Design and Development

The finished product for Edgewater Pools was a stunning modern website that highlighted their unique identity. It also encouraged users to schedule a one-on-one meeting to discuss their dream pool and spa. Our team couldn’t wait to tackle this project!  Edgewater Pools’ approach appealed to us, and presented a fantastic creative opportunity. Like Edgewater Pools, SEO TWIST is a full-service, one-stop shop for digital marketing services. Their top-to-bottom, all-in approach to their work was something we related to, and something that was incredibly inspiring. When we saw what Edgewater Pools produced, it inspired us to create something that echoed their high standards of design and really brought their work to life. As digital marketers, we’re always excited by new opportunities to develop and deliver engaging, compelling, and exciting finished products for our clients, no matter their field or industry. Sometimes, though, there’s something about a project that makes it special. It gives us the energy to push for something truly remarkable that both SEO TWIST and our clients can take pride in.


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