Facebook Strips All Business Pages of Grey Verification Badges

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Facebook Announces Change to Organic Page Impressions and Removes Grey Verification Badges

As of October 30, Facebook has begun stripping business page owners of their grey verification badges put in place to display page authenticity. According to Facebook, the decision was made after the platform had received feedback from users who expressed that they were unclear regarding what the grey badge represented. “Based on feedback, we’re removing the gray badge and focusing on other ways for businesses to show their authenticity on Facebook,” a Facebook spokesperson said. Pages that had these grey badges would have seen this message appear at the top of their page within the last two weeks: Facebook warning of grey badge removal Source: Social Media Today Until their removal, these badges, which were introduced in 2015, were available to all business pages that verified their official details with Facebook by undergoing an identification process. It’s important to note that the blue verification badges given to verified public figures, media companies, and brands will not be affected by this change and will remain in place for all pages that have them. In addition to the removal of the grey verification badge, Facebook is also changing the way it calculates organic page impressions. This could potentially result in a decline in perceived page and post reach. https://twitter.com/MattNavarra/status/1184918255263203328

Why the Decision Was Made

So why is Facebook making this change? Besides the lack of clarity regarding the meaning of the check mark that was reported by users, concerns have also been raised regarding how easy it was for businesses to earn a grey badge. Because the process for obtaining grey badge on your page was not as rigorous compared to the process for earning a blue badge, it opened the door for imposters to duplicate your company page, apply for a grey tick, and present the page as if it were the official Facebook page for that business.

Why This Matters

While the grey check mark may seem like a minor symbol that doesn’t have that much meaning, Facebook’s grey verification badges provided small businesses a means of verifying that their pages were being managed by the business owners in the eyes of users, similar to the blue verified badges. Facebook grey check mark on business page Source: Marketing Land Facebook’s removal of the grey badges means that marketers will need to put in a bit of extra effort in order to prove the authenticity of their page. Looking out for any other business pages claiming to be connected to your company should also be on your radar if you were affected by this change.

What Does Facebook Recommend Going Forward?

Without a grey badge to prove page authenticity, Facebook is recommending that Page Admins ensure that their page profiles are up-to-date and have a current a profile picture and correct contact information. Facebook is also encouraging page owners be active on their pages and post regularly so visitors know that their company is still operating.

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