Facebook Pay is Coming for Shopify Merchants Quick Payment Tool Will Be Extended to Retailers in August

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Facebook’s quick payment tool has helped online shoppers make transactions for years, but the feature has only been available on Facebook’s family of apps – until now.

This week, Facebook announced that the feature, called Facebook Pay, will come to third-party retailers later this summer.

Specifically, Facebook Pay is a tool that can be implemented into existing retail apps. It allows users to make purchases, transfer money to other users, support fundraisers, and store payment information for easy access.

In a blog post, Facebook revealed that it would extend availability beyond Facebook’s apps for businesses who want customers to be able to use Facebook Pay on their own sites.

“Facebook Pay is designed to help businesses drive conversion higher by giving customers a low-friction and mobile-friendly way to pay online,” the post says. “Payment details are encrypted and securely stored, eliminating the need for businesses to manage customers’ card or bank account numbers.”

Facebook says that Shopify merchants will be the first to have access, beginning in August. Then, Facebook will begin to rollout the feature to more platforms and payment service providers.

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For customers, the option to use Facebook Pay will be available as a checkout option. They can log in using their Facebook credentials, allowing them to access their stored information instantly.

To see if Facebook Pay is available in your country, click here.

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