Facebook Launches 3 New Monetization Options For Video Content Facebook Expands Eligibility For Ad Revenue and Digital Currency From Viewers

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Good news for content creators and viral marketing strategists – Facebook is rolling out even more ways for users to make money off of video content published to the platform.

The three latest changes to Facebook’s video monetization options include:

  • Earning revenue from short-form video content

  • Expanding the monetization eligibility requirements to more content creators

  • Making it easier for creators to earn revenue based on contributions from viewers

New Eligibility Requirements

Prior to the recent update, only certain Facebook pages were able to earn revenue from videos published on the platform. But now, with the new eligibility requirements, more pages will be able to monetize their videos using advertising.

For instance, pages can now earn money from videos that are as short as one minute.  Such videos will have the option to run a 30-second ad at the beginning that Facebook has deemed “minimally interruptive.”

Before these changes were announced, only videos that were three minutes in length or longer could be monetized with ads.

Mid-roll ads can also now be shown 45 seconds into a video that’s three minutes or longer. Previously, ads could only be shown one minute into a video.

Each type of video ad will also now have its own set of requirements. This includes In-stream, Live, and Gaming.

Earning Money From Videos

Another big change is that more pages are eligible to earn revenue from viewers.

Essentially, any page that’s eligible to run ads on its livestream videos will be able to earn money through “Stars.”

Stars are a digital currency that Facebook users can purchase and send to creators during livestreams. Creators will earn a share of the revenue from all the Stars they receive.

Currently, Stars are only available with livestreams, however, Facebook is looking into the possibility of allowing creators to earn Stars from non-live videos. 

Pages can apply for all of these new monetization options in Facebook Creator Studio.

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